Early music. REALLY early music.

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A team of researchers at Oxford University have reconstructed and performed a piece of music that was written in 408 BC - it's a mind-boggling achievement.


Alright sir, you lead me down an amazingly intriguing rabbit hole. These ancient sounds are haunting and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Now I want to learn to play an Aulos. This guy makes them for under $100!


Thank you for this!! I'm a music history enthusiast. This was enjoyable to hear.

Ok, that is super cool.

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Thank you for the link. Fascinating stuff.

Wow, thanks for sharing!
I love the sound of those pipes!!
What I really want to know, though, is what kind of music was made by those Paleolithic flutes....


@Fuzzy Wonder no more: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/feb/15/ice-age-flute

Yes, the pentatonic scale predates civilisation. I find that fact to be *profoundly* comforting.

I thought I had read those ancient flutes were pentatonic. So the greeks had made great strides, using quarter tones just a few ten thousand years later.

-- Very interesting, great post

His logic makes me resurrect a thought I had since a small child, -- the Psalms; those original language words as in oral tradition then sung.

I find all music, very interesting. The NAF (native american flute) it's origins and that all that music will never be known, guessed at. I sit there and am sure there's nothing to "it", using the same 3 notes, or 5 but when one hears someone who "gets" how to play within that scope, -- I know I can't. No, I've gotta bend and half-hole and over blow and etc... -- kinda not the "point" with a NAF Crazy

Well, thank God the ancients didn't have TV and Cable, or we'd have "nothing" today Wink They used their time, when not running for their lives, --well.

-- Again, great post

I heard what prehistoric flutes sound like, @headfirstonly; I'm wondering what kind of music our ancestors played.

Club Rock, I suspect, Fuzzy. Biggrin

Wow, @headfirstonly I've not been so moved by new music in forever. Wow. That stuff is gorgeous.