Ducking musicians that used to duck you?

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I don't mean this in any "bitchy" way, so, if it sounds that way, --no Crazy

Ever meet up now with "musicians" that used to duck you, -- not for any good reason, you just weren't where they were "looking", if that makes sense, I hope. So anyway, in all our earlier times, 100 guitar purchases ago :), learning as we all do across time, -- sometimes nearly everything then sounded "great"..., well maybe, manner of speaking.

Anyway, how I am now with you all is how I was when I was 16 yo Smile -- I love to jam and take music seriously..., kinda like bathing, I just try to do my best, wash everything well. Money's not an issue, never was.

So, anyway, lately I'm running into some of these folks, and well, -- they suck... like really suck. Like anyone who doubts they should be writing songs here..., brand new, -- don't... but these guys should. And, yes one of them, maybe the others, I don't keep track, child of xyz nearly famous someone. I was shocked.

And yes, "now" they're not dodging me; I even sent them work at a venue who, "like in 30 mins, they need to be here" the others cancelled, -- really local and paid OK. I won't do that again, on assumption of "goodness" of a band.

Part of it now too, is, -- I'm not 20 yo and I just don't care, kinda never did, -- said that before. But now, -- send me a car and drive me there and I'll think about it, unless local Crazy So, I hope that makes sense, it may to some..., I've had this as a side conversation so know some may have stories of past "associates".

One thing I'm seeing is more original stuff is getting a look at if slipped in well, so to speak. What the heck does the venue care... dancing, drinking, eating and coming back is it for them; sing the alphabet if you like and that happens.

It's just sort of hitting me a few times this past week, -- no thank you to a couple of studio gathers, and venue sit ins... I guess I figure, why now? And, I don't want to find out later, how I got "used" be a couple of old a____les.

One fellow, makes out like he has no memory, "sorry dude... I forgot"... but has a memory like an elephant. I think what he "remembers" is, -- I don't want to be in the band, but would be glad to have you-all do my original stuff as part of a set... so, like 45 min their stuff, 15 - 20 of mine, I'm gone and they do as they like as the patrons get hammered beyond caring anyway. It could be that. But, if you all haven't notice, plain, blunt communication works best, imo.
-- Anyway, that wasn't the point; point was... ? run into folks you'd've loved to have played with in your past, but now, would really rather not be on the same stage with them now (well unless backing you Smile ) ? Not important, just thought might be interesting reading.

ive had several varieties of this experience. the most common and understandable is that now that we are old guys in the dying range, a lot of the guys that used to hate me wanted to hang with me simply because there werent that many of us left. so whoever was active on the scene in the seventies and eighties is now part of the cool geezers club. but then there were the sleazebags who would butter me up because they knew i was now a music critic for the major daily newspaper, and they thought they could get me to give them good press. i even got sucked into dating one girl who took some comments i made to here while waiting for a concert to start, and the next thing i knew she had pulled a quote and attributed it to me as a writer for the paper, as if it were a pull quote from a professional review. bit what really bugged me when i returned to seattle after 17 years on the east coast were the guys who used to be my best friends who would act like i was still their best buddy when we ran into each other at clubs, and would insist that we should get together and jam, or put a new band together or something, and then never follow up on it...

Not a thing with me! Insufficient full-time music. But in my non-music long and serious professional career, I had to run perfectly professionally honestly straight (that is, no fudging, find the best answer and if wrong, wrong for the right reasons). Well I had to be straight, no-one would sell us professional insurance so we carried our own risks and couldn't lie, cheat or swindle, or even stuff up. There were millions involved or at stake most of the time. And i worked for government and private alike: the revenooers and the smuggler both, if you want (though never simultaneously; see "straight" earlier). So, when the Arabs tried to bankrupt the US by cutting the price of oil and all our this-century work died, BOTH sides were glad to see me and mine disappear, and still are praying that we stay disappeared (Don't have to try hard now, I'm too out of touch to jump back in). It'd be interesting indeed if any came to suck up; I'd wonder what they're on. But I still keep getting quoted as the ultimate grey eminence in a lot of money or joy in that, though.

-- All interesting stuff! Smile

whew. i came here wondering if someone's auto-correct was acting up....

Hey @tsunamidaily -- we could shift to that; today, anything goes it seems Crazy -- good one!

(Depending on ones dictionary, could be the same conversation? Wink )