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Hi guys, most of you probably know that dropbox is dead as far as streaming your audio to 5090. Well, there is a workaround, and today I brought my tunes back from the dead using the techniques presented in the FAWM forum. I suggest you learn how to do this hack and bring your audio back. Audio songs don't do any good to be on the board now if the links are dead. Believe me, if you do it enough times you will not have to use the reference anymore. In fact, we won't even have to talk about this anymore. I didn't have very many tunes last year so it didn't take very long to get them all working. By the time I applied the hack a couple times I didn't have to look at how to do it anymore. I worked hard on that music and it was a shame that there was a change in dropbox policy. I have tunes on there that go back 3 or 4 years....links are all dead. But now the ones currently showing on my page (drop me a visit) are all dropbox, and all working. Again, the hack can be found in the FAWM forums. I'll tell you how to do it if I must, but I'd rather you go there and read the discussion. There is a lot of us that were using dropbox last year, and now their tunes don't play. Bummer, but I'm here to help you.

Here is the forum thread at Fawm: http://fawm.org/forums/topic/7463/

@Klaus at fawm gave us this hack:

You should be able to stream your demos from Dropbox without public folders. Copy your demo to a private folder. Right-click demo> share>create a link>copy link. Replace "dropbox.com" with "dl.dropboxusercontent.com" and remove the "?dl=0" parameter.

And @arkka (at fawm) gave us this hack:

Copy the link normally and replace

While I use the file hosting for here and FAWM, this may come in handy in other locales.

Hi guys, if you are posting to a forum, such as this one, you can change ?dl=0 to ?dl=1

for the jukebox you need the ?dl=1#.mp3

In this case I'm going to use the ?dl=1 to post my newest demo link here as a test. Songwriting credits = James Freed and Jerry Collins

for testing and example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bak14jof2yadz11/jcollins_headache_city_demo_v1b_eq.mp3?dl=1

@jcollins I clicked the link. The file immediately downloaded to my mac and started playing in iTunes. I would want the link to go to the dropbox file page with a play button for streaming.

@AndyGetch The default does take the listener to dropbox. The default is ?dl=0


To play dropbox mp3 files on the 5090 house mp3 player it must be ?dl=1#.mp3

Edit: I should mention that my preference is "download" because I don't care to listen on my phone or computers. What I do is download and move the files into a folder, which then is moved to my Sansa mp3 player. When I do things like exercise or housework, I usually listen to people's music. Sadly, I sometimes do not go back to comment on the songs. I know people want the comments. If it's good enough, and many are, I will usually leave a note on the members' page that I had downloaded the songs. I don't always do it this way, however, and I usually end up listening on my laptop and making quick comments. Then those songs are "forgotten forever". That's the reality. I still have mp3 from people from 2 or 3 years ago.

After giving this more thought...

I am going to drop "dropbox" completely. I have a box.com account with 50 gigs for life. I got that tip about 4 years ago right here in this group. I don't remember who gave us that tip. They charge now for new customers. It's a monthly charge. I'm talking about having an account. I wouldn't want anybody to think that if you share a link the receiving end has to pay. No, I mean if you want to have your own box account. I've tested this without being logged in, and mp3 files play quickly on their mp3 player. Also, you can download too if you like to.

The downside, of course, is the internal mp3 player here at 5090 and FAWM will not play my songs. Further, it will not show up in the jukebox. That was the whole point about having a "streaming audio" service such as dropbox.

I used kiwi6.com for FAWM this past year. It was alright -- considering it was free -- but sometimes people would have problems.

I have a lot of crazy monthly projects, though, and as I fully manifest what I want to achieve, the established sites will fall further and further short of my needs. I mean, for music, I want sheet music, and maybe in-browser KAR-file support. (That's MIDI with synchronized lyrics, used for karaoke.)

Eventually, I'm going to need my own site. A low-priority project is to currently piece something together.

Any custom site easily works with the jukebox.