Dragondreams Lockout :)

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Can somebody help Sir Dragondreams please, his profile page won't load for anyone !
Error 500

We can load his songs and play them though Smile

What I'm wondering is, just how bad did he have to be to have his profile page run off and hide from us all ? Smile

Same thing is happening with my profile. @Eric Distad?

It's Peewee's bid for universal supremacy, I'm sure. I could see it coming.

Testing, testing...
Let's see whether I can get myself ostracised from the forums too... Biggrin

Early Sunday morning here in the central time zone; might need to wait awhile for admin action ....

@Dragondreams I think you should write a progressive funk jazz classical metal swing opera piece about the event. (If you need a hired gun vocalist, I can help!)

@metalfoot - Funny you should mention that... I'm in the studio with everything cranked to 11 at the moment, working on a piece called Outcast - with a VERY heavy, guitar riff. Biggrin

I'm out of the sin bin! Biggrin

Good news for you... for the rest of us?!? TBD *muahaha*

@tcelliott - Be careful. I might have to force you into a collab for that! Wink

Just double checking that everything is working now. Any other errors?

Looks good from my end. Thanks!

Next time, get into bed before the cats.

@Eric Distad - all good here, thank you. Smile