Draft it and move on or keep on working with it?

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When do you pull the pin and call it done for a 50/90 song? Do you get the feeling occasionally that a song is going to be great to spend some time with so you just spend that extra time on it instead of leaving it as it is?

I had one written and recorded in about an hour but I just had so many ideas I kept working on it. 4 hours later..... I called it a draft....

Maybe it's worth it in some cases but at this rate I'll never get the 50!

Can always go back to revisit the keepers later. We call it "FAWM on".

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@Staffy Lee if it's not coming all together as you like, post it and revisit it later. And yes, as @AndyGetch has said, FAWM on-it!

Don't tweak. Post it and move on. Smile

I just re-read this and figured out that I wasn't clear what I was getting at.

I wasn't thinking about a tune being hard to write at all.

See I started with a draft then kept adding tracks. I had 15 and was just about to bump to a wav file when I had an idea to add another track, such was how much I was enjoying this song. It wasn't hard working with it at all, it was more that I could have stopped earlier but I just had these ideas that I wanted to keep working with.

Keep working on it if that's your inspiration. I usually have a nice combination of voice and guitar iphone recordings and more full production songs. Sometimes taking the extra hours is important and sometimes it's completely unnecessary. Up to you.

And, of course, if you don't get 50 that isn't the end of the world.

We do understand Smile I'm sure most everyone has felt that way about some of their songs during FAWM proper and 5090 FAWM. But you may want to rethink doing that for every song you write. No one expects to hear a perfectly written and/or produced track here. Fiddling with one song is a time eater.

Personally I think if the ideas are coming, stick with it. They might not be there anymore in October and if you think it might be a keeper, give it a little time. Tend to the things in your garden that need tending to and let grow the weeds where they will.

take an idea until it's time to post it and move on. You know when it's time because things stop being easy and you start to feel annoyed or lost. Post it, forget it, repeat. It's like you're a farmer with a HUGE bunch of fields to harvest quickly. Get enough in the bag to know what it is, and move on. Smile

I usually work on a song until all of the parts and instruments I want are down, but I don't usually fix mistakes unless they derail the song. I can spend 5 or 6 hours on a song and still have it only be a draft; it's just a draft with full instrumentation. I don't usually go back and re-record them, unless it is something I end up playing with one of the bands I'm in, and then it is with that band. Listening back to old demos, I sometimes wish I fixed mistakes more often.

Cheers all. It's good to know that sometimes the idea can run away on its own, but that it can still be done in the 5090 and find room for a lot of other music.