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My song here shows up twice on my song list as songs 18 and 19, but with the same song number.

If I delete one of them, the other one goes as well.

Comments show up in both at the same time, though.

What's the story here?!?

It's a bug (obviously.) It does affect your song count but otherwise is harmless. @Eric Distad is aware of at least one other instance.

I have the same thing on my page from my posting of a corpse with four other collaborators. The corpse song shows up five times in the song list but is only counted once in the progress meter. Doesn't bother me, just noting it here as a similar occurence to the @Fuzzy multi-collab.

Yep, same here.

It seems to affect the owners of collab songs. I just uploaded my corpse contribution, and it appears in my song list 5 times. My song count is still 2 though, so that is correct.


I posted Corpse Delta this afternoon and it's now appearing in my song list three times, once for each collaborator. I'm beginning to sense a pattern here...

Yeah, me too.
Corpse H (which I posted) shows up four times on my list.