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I posted lyrics, but they appeared twice in my profile. I figured it was my fault and deleted one, they both deleted, I added one, two appeared. I see now that both entries have the same id.

Playing 50/90 with the cheat codes on just isn't as fun.

I noticed the same thing on my profile. It happens when there are multiple collaborators. But the progress bar counts correctly.

Oh, that's interesting. Yeah, I can see that now. I guess it's harmless then.

Same happened on my page when I posted multi-collaborator songs in 2020. Mine was five collaborators that resulted in five lines on the list. When others post a multi-collaborator the song only posts on my profile song list once. Yes, a harmless quirk that I just ignore.

aha that was what i just came to the tech forum to investigate! thanks all - i will ignore it!