DONE!!!!!! Final10x10 with Fellow 5090ers!

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Hi All!

UPDATE: Thanks to those who have sent 10 sec! Will post as soon as I can add a few more... Would love to receive more! 10 sec lo-fi or acapella is fine!

I have a placeholder left to use! Let’s do a 10 by 10 together.

I thought it would be fun to do an end of 5090 10x10 with you!

If you want to play, send me a ~10 sec song (MP3 only) about 5090 or what impact 5090 had on you or what 5090 did to your life. Send by 9 PM Sunday CST 10/6/2019.

Funny, quirky, serious, any genre, no NSFW language.

Send me the 10 sec MP3

I will stitch together add to 5090 with you as a collaborator and post on FB forum for people that want their FAWM/5090 songs heard.

This could be a fun 10 or more by 10!

Open to collabs if you prefer just to send a lyric and trust me to put it to music!

I'm game. I'll, send you something.

Thank you Val!!! I hope some other people will send a 10 sec snippet!

Just sent a 10s snip by email Smile

Thanks Andy!!!!

I sent you a 10-second bit too.

I've got one. How do you want it sent?
Update: I sent it in the slack chat. If you need another route let me know.

I just now sent a 10 second song to your .edu email account.


Thanks TC, Nancy, and Ductapeguy - I received all of your great 10 sec clips!

Thanks to all who participated!!!!