Does anybody have the progress calender?

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It can be a very useful tool, especially later in the game. Anyone have a copy of an older one?

I used to make one available. I was never sure if people used it.
Here is a 2017 version:

I always like having the calendar to refer to, even if I don't know if I can say I "use" it, since I've never approached 50 thus far. But thanks for making it available again, @plainwhitetoast -- I've downloaded and printed!

Thank you!!! I was feeling so down because I thought I was slacking off, but I'm actually right on schedule! This helps me. Thanks!!!!!

Very useful! Thanks, @plainwhitetoast].

Yeah, it's definitely a useful tool! Thanks @plainwhitetoast!

Thanks @plainwhitetoast - that's an essential part of 50/90 for me every year!

Cool, good to know. Thanks and you are welcome!

So, according to the calendar I have to have seven songs by Sunday to be on pace, which means two more from where I am now over the weekend. Seems doable, given that I have an in-progress collaboration to finish, another song conceptualized and ready to write and record, and there's even a skirmish tomorrow. I have a really busy couple of weeks coming at work, so it will be nice to get a little bit ahead if possible!.

Thanks for the calendar @plainwhitetoast, it's a good guide. I'm pacing myself at 4 songs per Mon-Sun week.

Ahead of pace *woot* We needed 26 by end of day yesterday (19th August) to be on pace.

Pacing: Four songs a week will get you 52 in the thirteen weeks of 50/90. But the first and last week both have six days this year so if you'll permit yourself three the first and last week you'll hit 50 exactly. But somehow, four songs a week sounds harder than 50 in 90 or 1 every 1.7 (or whatever it is) days.

I'm slightly ahead as of this moment (29) as well... but not sure it'll continue. I guess we'll see

I'm also slightly ahead but I start next year of uni on 25th September so I need to be done by then really

as of right now, aug 31.. if you're at 33 and a third songs , you're on track!

I'm a little ahead, funny that 33 1/3 number- which is for us older folks the speed of a 'normal' record on a turntable ... and the name of an underrated George Harrison album (tho the actual title might have been "33 and an om", if you look at the cover..

Bang on Track!

Hmm, 31 days to go and I'm 31 songs from the target. HMMM.

giving this a bump for folks interested... this a bump again for those interested. and it's not too late, even if you're at like 35 songs, it's possible!