Does anybody have the progress calender?

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It can be a very useful tool, especially later in the game. Anyone have a copy of an older one?

I used to make one available. I was never sure if people used it.
Here is a 2017 version:

I always like having the calendar to refer to, even if I don't know if I can say I "use" it, since I've never approached 50 thus far. But thanks for making it available again, @plainwhitetoast -- I've downloaded and printed!

Thank you!!! I was feeling so down because I thought I was slacking off, but I'm actually right on schedule! This helps me. Thanks!!!!!

Very useful! Thanks, @plainwhitetoast].

Yeah, it's definitely a useful tool! Thanks @plainwhitetoast!

Thanks @plainwhitetoast - that's an essential part of 50/90 for me every year!

Cool, good to know. Thanks and you are welcome!

So, according to the calendar I have to have seven songs by Sunday to be on pace, which means two more from where I am now over the weekend. Seems doable, given that I have an in-progress collaboration to finish, another song conceptualized and ready to write and record, and there's even a skirmish tomorrow. I have a really busy couple of weeks coming at work, so it will be nice to get a little bit ahead if possible!.

Thanks for the calendar @plainwhitetoast, it's a good guide. I'm pacing myself at 4 songs per Mon-Sun week.