Do you post every song you finish?

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In the 11 years I've been 5090ing and FAWMing, I have shared just about every song I've written. If I'm almost finished with a song, I complete it. And if I complete it, you're going to hear it.
Well, most of the time. I can count on one hand and still not use my thumb - 4 times - that I've finished a song and not posted it, and that's all happened in the last few years. A couple summers ago, I wrote and recorded a song for the Facebook skirmish group, and then never shared it - I decided it sounded too much like other songs I've written (even though that had never stopped me before). But I also decided I really didn't like the lyrics. I still have that song saved, and I've thought about going back to see if it's worth re-doing, or using bits of for other songs.
Last FAWM, I wrote a sort of Ramones-ish (but on acoustic guitar) Trump lampoon, but I wasn't saying anything that hadn't been said already, and it wasn't particularly clever. Other people do that kind of stuff far better than I.
And then this 5090, I've already scrapped two finished songs - words and music. One was a country song set in a bar. The other was a soul song that had a pretty catchy hook, or so I thought. But I struggled with re-writing and I changed the music a couple of times, and then I figured, the hell with it - I'm wasting too much time here. And I trashed the lyrics so I wouldn't be tempted to go back and try again.
One reason that I feel OK now with not posting everything is that it's pretty easy now for me to complete these challenges. If I scrap a song and free the mind, another bunch will come along soon enough.
So, do you have any finished FAWM or 50/90 songs that no one besides you ever heard? Or do you post everything - even the ones you know you don't like?

I either post or delete if I decide it's not what I was hoping for, not worth to listen to...

If it makes it to completion, I post it up. But if it doesn't, I don't.

There are a number of song fragments in existence in my files/on my hard drive.

I've discarded more songs this year, that I wasn't particularly pleased with.

I suppose the more songs we write the greater the risk of writing the same song twice, or something too similar, so the search for an original idea becomes harder. It can also become more interesting, but it seems inevitable that the greater the number of songs written, the higher the number of songs that end up not being used.

@Chip Withrow Yeah, when I first started 50/90, I posted everything. Now that I know I can complete the challenge, it's not so important for me just to get to the goal. In fact, I'm not even shooting for the goal. At this point, it's been two weeks since I posted a song. I wrote part of a couple songs that I tossed out, but just didn't complete because they sucked. :P

@musicsongwriter - I totally deleted the two complete lyrics I had for this 50/90, so I'm not even tempted to go back and re-visit them. I found the act of total deletion quite liberating.
@metalfoot - I have started going through my files lately. No song fragments, but lots of songs I had completely forgotten about. I used to keep instrumental fragments saved on my small handheld recorder, but I never got around to using them and I finally deleted all of them. My guess is that you, like me, have no trouble coming up with ideas - so my thinking is that it's ok to lose a few every now and then.

Nope, I post it all; I come up with so few tunes that I get em all up.
I don't even start a song unless I know I'm gonna follow through with it.
Plus, my songs are like my babies - I brought them to life.
How could I be so heartless and delete my babies?!?

Short answer: Yes. I post it all.

Long(er) answer: There have been a couple of very isolated cases in which I either didn't post a song or I locked the song so no-one could see it/comment on it. One was a collaboration in which I jumped the gun and added music before receiving permission. Turns out someone else had asked privately. I still tend to add music to a lyric that I instantly have an idea for, but I always ask permission. It happened once this year that I had an idea for a song but someone else had already received permission to collab on it. So I simply wrote a new lyric to the music and melody.

For me, a song I don't like still counts as a song written. If I don't like it then it's simply a lesson to learn by examining what it is I don't care for in the song. I'll just lock it if I don't want people to hear it. And this year, that removes it from the list completely so most people don't even realize there is a song there at all.

I like very little of what I write, collabs excluded. Those are usually my faves! So if I posted only what I liked, I'd have 2 songs up rather than 23. It all goes up for me. It's therapy for me most of the time and therapy isn't pretty generally speaking.

Ya I do, if it makes it to not being clicked off before saving then it gets uploaded in some form.

It's all so very interesting Music 2

Last year this really started happening for me in earnest. I think I posted 86 songs to 50/90? But on my website, I posted 128. That was the inspiration for my "1028 song challenge" which led to my doing the FAWM Squared thing this year.

Mind you, last year I hit 50 songs in February without trying -- my actual goal was simply "Not Crapcapella". I racked up 100 comments before I posted my first song, and I stopped posting songs when I hit 50 songs -- not when it was the end of the month.

But, even when I like a song and it's a keeper, when you create a _lot_ of music you run the risk of overwhelming your audience. This year for 50/90 I'm committed to only publicly listing 50 songs on my profile -- regardless of how many I post. Not because I won't like some of them, (I'll mostly decide what I like later) but because I don't want to overwhelm people.

(Also, for those struggling with 50/90: practice your skirmish skills if you want to reach peak numbers. One hour == One song. When you can do this almost automatically the song numbers come _really_ easily.)

Deleting can be wonderful but there were times I regretted it so I delete if I'm sure it's not worth it. Otherwise if it has potential I keep it as a draft and I won't submit my draft. I too had this challenge completed so I'm hoping for keepers rather then numbers but only the real time teat will show if the song is the keeper. All we can do is try our best and follow the goals we have.

Every FAWM/50-90 including this 50/90 I've made songs I've not posted. Some I've not managed to finish or I have been unsatisfied with the results. It's not that important for me to reach 50, rather have a few good songs I can release/perform than a whole bunch of forgettable meh songs.

A better question for me would be, "Do you finish any of the songs you post?" Rarely. I typically picture myself pitching song ideas to Fresh Spotless Youth, my imaginary team of crack musicians and super producers. My thought is that we will finish these songs together someday, when FSY returns from doing whatever it is that they're doing at the moment (Antarctic field studies, manning the international space station, negotiating a nuclear deal with North Korea, etc.). Until then, I will post any "song" that I find appealing in some way, no matter how fragmentary or half baked. My plan is to hammer all these "songs" into shape and release my debut 500-song album on November 30, 2023. Fresh Spotless Youth should return from North Korea well before then. Smile

Yep. If I finish a song, I post it. That said, I don't always finish a song once it's started. I remember deleting piano tracks that I didn't like, or spending 20 minutes on some electronica and then going, "Nope" and not saving the file. Basically, I employ my own critical ear during the making of the song. If something actually gets finished, that means I see something worthwhile in it, so I post it. Smile

If I complete it, I post it, whatever my personal opinion of it might be. And there've been cases where what I considered abject failures were well received and prompted me to clean them up later (and use them elsewhere.)

i usually record 10 to 20 versions of a song as i write it. if its not sounding good to me by then, i abandon it. if, however, i get a take that i like, ill post it. when i receive a comment, ill listen to the song agan to better understand the comment. sometimes, on two occasions so far this year, i will begin to dislike the song and will continue to work on it, eventually replacing the first take with a second. but yes, im with tim on this one, if i complete a song, i will post it.

Well, it was bound to happen. I had a cover that I decided to name "My Grandfather's Skirt". I improvised a whole album worth of songs (14) and...

It kind of feels like the album is trolling Nazis.

"Do you not like the thought of men in skirts? Are you going to take the bait? Because most of the songs are about honoring my grandfather by -- no, not punching Nazis -- but slicing their throats."

I'm thinking of quietly shelving the whole album for now.

I don't know, though, maybe it's a sign I need to go in a much more punk direction...

I've posted songs that I didn't like, wasn't satisfied with, or didn't really care about either. I post most of them. There have been a couple of times in the last 5 years that I haven't posted.


I post errydamnthing. This is 50 songs in 90 days, not 50 GOOD songs in 90 days :P I trust in the process to churn out a few keepers and some that need work and a whole bunch of throwaways.

If I complete a song for FAWM or 50/90 I post it to SoundCloud to share for the challenge but the doesn't mean that anybody outside of the challenge hears it necessarily.

I post EVERYTHING I finish.

For me, FAWM and 50/90 are about switching off the critical part of my brain and just allowing the creativity to flow. If I write just one song in a month (my pre-FAWM method), I feel pressure to make that song be good, and I get super sad if it isn't. If I write 14 in a month, I can relax - each one doesn't have to be good, because there are 13 others to take the strain.

So far I've kept about 20% of the songs I've written in FAWM and 50/90. That quality ratio is a little lower than it used to be when I let myself take days to write songs, but quantity wise, it's obviously far greater.

And I've found it allows me to write some songs that are much *better* than what I would otherwise do - because I wasn't second-guessing myself, playing it safe, sticking to what I know. My songwriting seems to make a huge leap forward at each writing marathon as I experiment with new ways of making music, writing lyrics, expressing emotions, colouring details...

So I post everything, because for me, the whole point is there's no such thing as "not good enough".

I do not know what completion looks like...I post some, I don't post others. Just lyrics, just music, since observations I scribbled inside a cigarette pack.