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How drunk do you have to be to record accordion?

Accordions are fragile creatures but they seem to get along pretty well with drunken individuals. And they like to be played loud.... louder... and louder... After that stage all you need is a bagpipe or... a calliope.

actually, I do have a recording question- just tried my pro tools setup, which i've been using on a pc here for the last several years, and I'm getting alot of static when I try to play back a track- i suspect my computer may be slowing down or something (tried to delete some files to make some more room, check to see if the hard drive has been defragged recently (it had) and it does not seem to help. Messed around with the settings in the 'settings/setup-playback engine' as i had read that might help, so far it doesn't seem to stop it happening. I'll keep messing around but it's discouraging...

@mike skliar What interface / OS do you use, Mike? I had problems with my audio interface not initialising properly under Windows 10 and it took me nearly six months of swearing and cursing before I discovered that Windows booted up so fast the driver wasn't initialising. Turned off the "Fast boot" option that's hidden under the "Normally unavailable power settings" in Control Panel. Problem solved.

If it only happens on *playback* and you have a lot of processing going on, your PC may be struggling to keep up. What does the CPU Usage meter show? Do you get the static if you solo a track? You could try rendering each track with its effects individually to a new track, and then disabling the original version - now the PC is just playing a straight audio file for each track, rather than doing lots of processing on the data before playing the result. What effects have you got on the master track? What happens if you disable all effects?

Other things you might want to look at are:

Make sure you're using an ASIO driver for your interface, not the MME/Direct X driver (because MME is slower and in my experience, usually rubbish);
Check you've not got a dodgy lead in the signal chain;
Check your interface and your DAW are both running at the same sample rate (48 kHz or 44.1 kHz);
Check your interface and your DAW are both running at the same bit depth (16 bit or 24 bit).

Try another USB/firewire/whatever cable. Check your Clock settings, it should probably be "internal" unless you have a lot of gear interacting.

I had an issue with my interface a few years back. It was a Presonus AudioBox. I tried everything and I kept getting this whiny electrical sound on the recordings. Turns out that the cheap older AudioBoxes are kind of crap. I got a Scarlet and the problem was solved.

Static could be coming from one or more of your cables. I would wiggle the cables during playback to test the connection. I've had it happen and it did turn out to be a TS cable causing my problem. Other, if it is a crackling static it very well could be the buffer size of your audio device. The fix there would be to raise your asio buffer size for playback or mixing.

thanks everyone! the idea of 'checking the cables' is something I actually understand and can do- wondering if the cable connecting my interface box-thingy with the computer is just breaking down (its old and very twisted up) - and yeah, would be great if i could get a very cheap but new interface box (im guessing they ain't cheap tho and might not run with my old whatever-i'm using)
to headfirst only-- my technical ability to understand some of your post is sadly lacking... cpu usage meter? asio driver? i dont even know what those things are, let alone how to find them or check them. As for when its happening, its happening even if i dont put any effects on my tracks.

and yeah- jcollins- how do i 'raise the asio buffer size'?

all that being said, i'll see what i can figure out, and thanks again, everyone! let's hope i can figure this out!

a PS aha! it does seem that bending that connection cord this way and that (the cord between the computer and the audio interface) does temporarily solve the problem- i think i need a new cord ! - just ordered one from amazon, which should be here (thanks to amazon prime) by sunday, so hopefully it'll all be ready before 50/90 starts! (lets hope thats the problem!)

Using garage band on Mac, anyone got some interesting or cool plugins to try out? I usually just use the vanilla settings but am looking to try expanding whats available to me, I'm already trying out a few, but if anyone had any personal favourites to recommend, I'm all ears Smile

well.. not great news. Got a new cord from Amazon, and ... still having the problem! No matter what I do to the various 'playback engine' settings in pro tools, i can't make the problem go away. Best i can do is that sometimes, if I close the song file, close pro tools, and even sometimes turn my computer off and on (with windows 7, and my old computer, it takes a while!) the problem goes away for a little bit, then comes back. And sometimes i can bounce down a song to a wav file, but while the playback in my headphones is alot of static, the wav file sometimes is ok (and sometimes not)

this is really frustrating- i just did an overdub of a vocal where i only heard the guitar track half the time, and was guessing at the rest, ouch!

have no idea what to do next. ANd these are really simple recordings, with few effects, like one guitar track and one vocal track, not a huge number of files!

@mike skliar Can you post something that has the noise on it? The type of noise you're getting may help to identify where the problem is.

@mike skliar The fact that your problem clears up after a full reboot (and sometimes just after closing a program) but then comes back makes me think that your computer is pretty full already and that rebooting clears out a buffer that is getting filled up as you use programs and open content files. I used to have a problem with AOL grabbing memory and not releasing it so the effect was cumulative and would eventually freeze my computer. Given that you said your computer is old, and modern programs are designed to expect lots of memory to run in, you may need to free up more room than you would imagine to run your programs. I may be completely off-base in this idea, but it seems like your problem is akin to trying to jam a lot of video content through a slow Internet connection that simply doesn't have the bandwidth to give you the complete picture and is merely doing the best it can, but garbling the output. That would be my idea of the explanation of why the reboot is successful but only temporarily.

thanks, headfirstonly and barbara--- running out now but i will try clearing alot more memory for the computer and seeing if that helps, and if not, recording on my iphone what that static sounds like.... does make sense that the computer is not fast enough (tho that never used to be a problem) and/or has too much stuff on it, etc.
to be continued!

On second thought, -- looks covered Smile Happy 5090!