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Looking to get your music online and generating $0.0000001 a stream?
Without getting heavily into the whole business of distros, aggregators, and the whole spaghetti tangle, here are two useful lists:

Spotify's list of preferred distributors: https://artists.spotify.com/directory/distribution

and Apple's list of preferred distributors: https://itunespartner.apple.com/music/partner-search

(thanks to my PRO, APRA-AMCOS. Don't belong to a PRO? [Performing Rights Organisation] You need to!)

Full disclosure: I use CDBaby because (a) they used to sell CDs (!) (b) I always have and (c) they're a once-off cost, not an annual charge.

Thanks @Tim Fatchen this is really helpful. I need to be more informed about this side of music. I'm not in a PO so will look into this as someone living in the UK. PS generating $0.0000001 a stream seems a little low, I'd aim to double that in say 12-15 years time Smile

I have been using bandcamp since it takes a far more reasonable cut and most of the money goes to the artist. The other services are just insulting to musicians for how little you get for your music.

Obviously though i still make no money at all, because nobody knows who i am, i haven't got a record deal, i don't play gigs, and my stuff is all "pay what you like including free". The reason for that is when i put a mandatory price on it, nobody bought it, just the same as now. At least i know people can download it without having to worry about whether they can afford it, and i do get a fiver or a tenner once in a blue moon (I don't know how many millions of plays you would need on spotify to get that kind of wonga!)

If you have any success in feathering your nest from online royalties, though @Roddy, then do let me know, please!

I use distrokid. I'm not exactly happy with them. It's a yearly subscription and if you want your music to stay after you stop paying you've gotta pay an additional "legacy" fee. However, I have like four or five "bands" that I distribute music through so it's convenient. You keep 100% of the revenue (except for youtube videos they find using your music, they take 20% of that.)

I've debated changing but haven't so far.

Also a DistroKid user and satisfied so far. Not a fan of the yearly subscription but also not a fan of paying per release. Maybe I am just not a fan of paying money to someone else. That might be a bit of a career limiter. Anyway, my release last year did pretty well against my expectations, which were low. I did get heard around the globe and that, in and of itself, is pretty cool.

I also generally use Distrokid (in additional to Bandcamp, which is a different thing altogether), and I've been satisfied with it.

I also used CDBaby for one recent elease that I was worried might need a more personal touch than the mainly automated Distrokid. I had reason to believe the album might be flagged as spam due to the format (although it was in fact a real music album), as I know people who have had trouble getting similar albums distributed through Distrokid in the past, and there is basically no customer support if you need it. So I paid extra to release that one album on CDBaby, and it sailed through on all the streaming sites, so it was worth it.

Low expectations are good to have. The intention has to be to get heard, because it's not going to make any money...the best past example was the debacle of YouTube's partner program.