Demo Updated/Uploaded and Collabs Completed!

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With my house guest now gone, -- went with the familiar; so that one above this one. But, now recorded w/DAW not iPhone Smile and, took some of the input/feedback already received. I anticipate overdubs to come... -- actually, now I won't know where to start with so much to do, so much material to work on. So, I will be likely scattered all over the place, uhhh!

"Rein From The Sun", mid-way ish 5090 (one comment as lyric-only), one-take, first take, then overdubbed since seemed to be going well, -- during lunch:

Finally the final demo for 'Kissed By Your Hell' is up Smile

"Death No Fault of My Own", iPhone, i8 track... trying to get'm captured/framed as that goes:

At last, a DD and Amanda collab this 50/90 ! Time to lose yourself in some fantasy...

And another lyric that has been musicated Smile
Thank you @coreystewart

And another one ! This time a musication of 'I Wish I Lived In A Claude Monet' by @coolparadiso Smile

This is a lovely demo with music by Val Cox. Her vocals are gorgeous.

The musical question posed by @ChariotBaldwin, "When Did Yellow Turn Blue?" in *40033 has had music added by me.

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I added music to @Cicpisces's "Above the chaos" *40089

FWIW, this demo was updated with MORE GUITAR and more organ, regardless of whether that was a good idea or not.

"I Had All My Kids, in Life's Killing Spree"
- A 5-min-morning-write, immediately picked up by Bill White who wanted to do a Spoken Word Voice Over; worked for me; heard the backing overdubs in my head while listening to Bill so, did it (could be just Voice Over, but harder to imagine w/overdubs so added them) Smile

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*38711 @Amanda West's "I am the turtle" now has music by me.

Kingwood Kowboys Lyric musicated by Bill White, overdubs, quick remix ustaknow:

The Next Great War, WWIV, -- prior lyrics-only now musicated before 5090 ends Smile