Demo Updated/Uploaded and Collabs Completed!

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With my house guest now gone, -- went with the familiar; so that one above this one. But, now recorded w/DAW not iPhone Smile and, took some of the input/feedback already received. I anticipate overdubs to come... -- actually, now I won't know where to start with so much to do, so much material to work on. So, I will be likely scattered all over the place, uhhh!

"Rein From The Sun", mid-way ish 5090 (one comment as lyric-only), one-take, first take, then overdubbed since seemed to be going well, -- during lunch:

Finally the final demo for 'Kissed By Your Hell' is up Smile

"Death No Fault of My Own", iPhone, i8 track... trying to get'm captured/framed as that goes:

At last, a DD and Amanda collab this 50/90 ! Time to lose yourself in some fantasy...

And another lyric that has been musicated Smile
Thank you @coreystewart

And another one ! This time a musication of 'I Wish I Lived In A Claude Monet' by @coolparadiso Smile

This is a lovely demo with music by Val Cox. Her vocals are gorgeous.

The musical question posed by @ChariotBaldwin, "When Did Yellow Turn Blue?" in *40033 has had music added by me.

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I added music to @Cicpisces's "Above the chaos" *40089

FWIW, this demo was updated with MORE GUITAR and more organ, regardless of whether that was a good idea or not.

"I Had All My Kids, in Life's Killing Spree"
- A 5-min-morning-write, immediately picked up by Bill White who wanted to do a Spoken Word Voice Over; worked for me; heard the backing overdubs in my head while listening to Bill so, did it (could be just Voice Over, but harder to imagine w/overdubs so added them) Smile

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*38711 @Amanda West's "I am the turtle" now has music by me.

Kingwood Kowboys Lyric musicated by Bill White, overdubs, quick remix ustaknow:

The Next Great War, WWIV, -- prior lyrics-only now musicated before 5090 ends Smile

Yep, another-1, "Cathedral of The Lonely and Damned":

"Hurricane Jones - Was My Daddy's Name"; collaboration Larry W Jones (Kingwood Kowboy)

Another @Kingwood Kowboy song I added music to - he had already done music, but allowed me to do so as well. His version is here as well:

I'll be sure to go through this thread and give everyone else's update a listen!

A couple entries from me. First, a new collab by @kahlo2013 and me:
And, in coordination with @Mt.Mélodie posting the sad-ending version of Alone in the Moonlight, I recorded my original tune with the happy ending, which I'd been sitting on since July, and updated the post here: *37437

Foundry of Fools, formerly lyric-only

Yet another demo completed with lyrics by the way beyond prolific @Kingwood Kowboy
"Working Man Blue Collar Blues"

I think Kingwood (Larry) is having an influence on me Smile

Formerly lyrics-only, now musicated.

Ain't Been No Disney Ride, featuring John Nicholson on Violin, Mandolin (coolparadiso)

Bossa Nova Rosa - lyric by [@Kingwood Cowboy]. This one's a bit outside both of our wheelhouses but it was certainly fun to stretch a bit.

Flying Tadpole's Travelling Blues Band rises from the swamp for a bit of cannibalism with Amanda West's Deep Fried Tadpole Blues.

Musicated "Ill Eagles and Ice" Smile ! ... quick, but, derIttis...

I posted a lyric-only bit Wednesday night. It now has music.

Told Larry Wheeler, I'd try to get back to some of his Lyrics. @Kingwood Kowboy

So, within a placeholder (hope that all works, never did before):

Anyway, for me, -- it came out as what I call a Lullaby, hahhh! Made me sleepy Smile

From 19July -- lyric only, now musicated 10October2019, a little experimentation for me and etc. as it goes, post 5090.

"Isn't It Where We Go" (retitled from "The Space of Time", post musication since made more sense, maybe)

Well, 50/90 is over but this song was from one of the last skirmishes with the prompt "harvest". I wrote the lyric in an hour and after the closing bell of 50/90, musicsongwriter (Nadia Cripps) created her lovely music and piano track. Valerie Cox provided us with her beautiful vocals. Thank you both very much!!

Yep, still a few above that still need a look'n uber... Smile

I think I went through and commented where I thought I'd have any meaning, or want of comment..., but hey, may have missed something someone wants to hear from "me".

Just say'in.

Hello! I just updated Bobby Has Wax In His Ears to SFW (safe for work). Smile

I hush the bad words and dump some noisy guitar part.

@jcollins -- sounds great.