Demo Updated/Uploaded and Collabs Completed!

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Put music to a lyric? Polished a rough demo? Fulfilled the collaboration of your dreams?

Then this is the thread for you!

I shall begin with the song that begun it all: 'Don't Let it Start this Way' now has a demo, courtesy of @ductapeguy (hosted by @tcelliott due to uploading issues at my end/my own impatience):

Found the vanished melody for "Coming To Meet". Strange DAW happenings...

"Feel My Love For You", lyrics-only by @Amanda West has now received a klaus-o-phonic treatment. It's a ballad with a whiff of 80's synth pads.

I gave a musical treatment to these wonderful words by @kahlo2013.

so @crisp1 wrote a lyric, and I set it to music and recorded... here it is

Here's the first of 10 demos for the lyrics I posted this weekend. Music in the Air

And the next one: Yup, That's Me.

If You See Me Smiling, a skirmish lyric from the weekend, now has 1940s styled music...

I found a nice combo of telecaster and glockenspiel to accompany my skirmish lyrics to HOPE.

I found a nice combo of telecaster and glockenspiel to accompany my skirmish lyrics to HOPE.

Musicated this fun lyric I did in a skirmish

I managed to musicate 3 sets of lyrics today:

Good Old Days:

Old Cedar Table:

99th Second Chance:

This leaves me with just 3 and a half sets of lyrics I need to add music to.

There is now a demo for Sapphire Life (prev called "Was It All True" and lyrics only) - a collaboration with Michelle Lockey, who isn't in 50/90 Sad

Just put up the demo for "Dark Clouds" performed and recorded by @helen Smile (prev a lyric only song).

And here's another one Smile SWG took my lyrics and created this rough draft of the song.
This time a collab with @Steven Wesley Guiles, "Don't Rock My World". Steven and I are the Future Kings Of Denmark, and this, I suspect, will be out next release Wink

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Just put up my version of @crisp1's lyrics "Big Bang".

And another Smile This time @coreystewart asked to use my lyric "The Moon Over Galway Bay", and the demo is defo one of my favs Smile

I was not at all satisfied with the track I made for Sunday's skirmish. I have worked on it some more. All the elements of the original track remain in some form. New elements have been added along with more production work.

Song, musicated, but then -- remade again, due to an idea from feedback-comment suggesting it if could be done:

Musickated one of my 1st weekend skirmish lyrics:
Pretty little picture:

Had some banjo fun with these wonderful words by @cindyrella:

Put a rough demo for my lyrics today.