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If you've posted a song and you (or a collaborator) upload a demo or remix/improve a demo then please list it below so we can give it some love.

Often someone will comment similarly to, "I'd love to hear this when you get the demo completed." Here's a place you can notify the site and maybe tag that person to let them know it's completed.

@kahlo2013 was kind enough to allow me to add music to one of her posts.

Let It Rain -

Added music to these lush lyrics by @kahlo2013

This Moment We Share

First song complete with demo:

And the last one, FOR NOW mwahahahahahahaha!

As above, awesome demos added to my lyrics by @tcelliott and @valeriecox

In addition beautiful music demo added by Joanne Cooper to a lyrics I called Where Is Love (20817)
that she re-titled Fair Weather, which I like much better.

Jazz-2 (song Number 1)
I have updated and made available the new mix with the Solo Harmonica "removed," so any Collabs can perform with out the Solo Harmonica getting in your way. I will later record a new solo harmonica around your vocal or solo, after I receive your Trax for mixin.

Also available is the Jazz Chart.... even if you can't read music or don't understand anything about Chord structure, this Jazz Chart is a necessity in order to locate into which Bars to place the Verses, Bridge etc. Unless you want to do all that work yourself...

All up-dates are located at the lower part of the song's Liner notes:
Requesting: Lyrics, Vocals, Backing Vocal, Doo-wap, Harmonies, solo instrument trax, even new and different rhythm trax.
Russ Dirol

@tcelliott has made a song from my lyrics about a village known as KYYYYYYYLE...

@hazeyjohnii has added wonderful vocals and music to my lyric 'Tangled in My Hairbrush'.

@mike skliar has done a demo for "Laudanum", and it's a class act - in his signature style with a nod to the late, great Hoops.

have just done a demo for @Max in the Woods first song. I Can't Write A Song.
heads up to people who said they wanted to hear the music: @TheTau, @katpiercemusic, @siebass, @AndyGetch

Just added a demo for @acousticmaddie at

@ Hazeyjohnii Just added hois take on The devil just froze

Here @billwhite51 did an awesome take on the Buyer

@the pannacotta army has had at me. Twice.

Camouflage, a whistly, shuffly swing tune:


Honeybee, a tribute-of-sorts to Johnny Cash:

@barrygoldman updated Gods might queen with vox and music

I had a go on these lyrics by @cindyrella

I added vox and lyrics to [Edward's Music lol] s music

@SponsoredByMark added music to my lyric, Walk into Dawn Again:

Have added the demo for @kahl2013 song Winter wonderland.

I added a new demo of my realization of Arthur's superb lyrics.

Thank you John for bringing my lyric to life:

I added a demo for Bifurcated Bird.
It's only 53 seconds long, but it's lots of fun.

And here's Bill White's solid blues-rock demo for 'Because You Added Black'.

[@PeterMurphy] made this fantastic demo for Heaven is closed

Marthie posted some amazing music to a couple of my lyrics today - they are awesome and very different! Her talents impress me!!'

So, a week or so ago, I wrote a riddle-as-song and decided to throw in my internal dialogue for shiggles.

@edsmaron turned it into a Zappa-esque Rock Opera. It's really one of the most interesting things I've heard this 50/90. Do give it a listen. You will be challenged and rewarded.

Three Wise Men, a song by Two Wise Guys:

Who loves @metalfoot? Who hates the phrase 'I could care less'?

Why, everyone, of course!

There have been some lovely updates. Keep up the good work, people.

Here's my take on SueAwesome's lyric (*22228):
Light Trails -- *22508
Running Blind - lyrics written by me 16th July, then sph offered his collaboration (18th) and has produced this wonderful demo (22nd) Smile
Thank you @sph

Two more updates, both from lyrics by @kc5:
1. Daytona Run (*20938) -- a little surf/race-car flavoured rock and roll
2. Bub Bull (*22298) -- spaghetti western!

So....I posted the demo for my first 50/90 song. It's a sexy blues song called Take His Whiskey Neat. I hope you can check it out!

Thanks to Michael who added his beautiful vocals I now have the demo to Sunrise:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote some lyrics for Nadia @musicsongwriter , inspired by listening to her music. I worked on a demo today, and I've just uploaded it. It's called Nadia's Room. -

@Chandra83's lyric "No Night Star" now has music, courtesy of yours truly. *21046 to have a listen!