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This is a thread for posting any updated demos etc so that they don't get lost. (Apologies if there's one out there already but in my admittedly muddled state of mind I couldn't find one)

I'll start with this one:
Bigger Boat, by @Cicpisces and me; I added a rough draft of the music and will be working on a clean copy over the next little while.

@metalfoot thanks for starting this one. I was about to do it 'cause I have one. Got the demo done for "Made Up Game" from the first weekend skirmish, @johnstaples "Faraway Places" prompt.

Was waiting for this thread to pop up. Wink

Here are my demos for:
'Not Even Close' (with Joanne Cooper).

'The Curve of Your Words' (with Theresa J)

Gywn Jones added some wonderful music
See-Man-Ski added music as part of the random collab. Enjoy.

I've added music to this file. Thanks.

i put my collaborator's mix up for first 6 comments, but i have done a mix now and have put that on the player demo. i have also put the link to the original mix and would be interested which you prefer. "Do A Do"

Last Bus to Adelaide demo now up. AND the South Oz border is now CLOSED!! !

Back in the Superskirmish @metalfoot gave us the prompt "Clumsy". I came up with lyrics only. Now here's the demo, an 11/8 blues renamed "Bunglesome". A synonym for clumsy.

New and improved, now, -- with ~ Music ~ too!


Last Bus to Adelaide no has its VIDEO.

A Princess Has A Prince For Tea now has a demo.

New, improved, supersized with coupon applied, and Cody from Oak-la-homie's, super fantastic squishy slide man work a doodles! O M G... it's mind-blowing (when's the last time that happened to jah?):

And here's the wonderful demo from my collaborator.

'The Site is Holy'