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- Lyricist. Has some 50/90 musician made a demo of you lyrics?
- Songwriter. Did you post a quick recording and now made a full demo with better quality?
- Anyone. Did you post lyrics first and demo later?


Please post a link here so people can go back and have a listen and give more comments!

My first song for this year, I posted lyrics, now has video demo goodness.

Oh, me me me! I got one. Paradox in Paradise, lyrics by esteemed Stephen Wordsmith, has now a demo

It's an epic battle between good and bad. And it has lots of instruments and singing. Smile

I got another. Playing Together is @Kristi's lyrics - first of this year - and demo by yours truly.

Gentle acoustic song about beautiful children.

@simpleiscomplex has done a demo of my tongue-tying paean to third-world clickfarming. I'd have scarcely believed a demo possible.


I wrote two sets of lyrics last week, because I wanted to get started and I was out of town without an instrument. I just put one to music:

And another one updated with music:

I finished lyrics on day one, but wasn't satisfied with the demo, so I threw it out and changed the song entirely. So yesterday I *finally* got a version posted.

My lyrics with music and vocals just added by Valerie Cox on "Missing the Target"

Updated "Will You Let Me In" with a nice BIAB track and vocal.

Ok why can't I tag people?!!?!

[@dsweidel] - Because you haven't been inducted into the mystic arts of 50/90 tagging ...

... or you're not using square brackets. One or the other.

Needs to be [ @dsweidel ] - except without the space after the opening square bracket and before the closing one.


Here's a new demo added by Bill White

I put some vocals and music to one of @kahlo2013's songs, here. Smile

I've added instrumentation to one of my songs. Careful, though, it's the seed song in a morph chain.
If you're in morph 1, do not click!

@tcelliott was kind enough to add music to my lyric for "I've Tried". Smile Byron Bay (#1 of my list) is now video. Live recording of multiple looping the cigarbox. Also WHALES. And brush TURKEYS! Resistance is futile!

Three New wonderful demos in last 2 days:

Happy and Sassy with Georgie: "Hey Hey"

Beautiful ballad with Corey Stewart: "Sometimes Somebody is Everything"

Classic Country Love with Val Cox: "Back to You"


@pearlmanhattan has put my madcap '88 hours' to music, and it's a trip!

Collaboration with the amazing Corey Stewart!

I've added my music to one of my lyrics. Hope someone will be happy to sing it.

@the pannacotta army has lavishly illustrated my lyric 'Watershed'. It's quite beautiful, and a listen or two would likely improve your day.

It will improve your day, it's true!!
"Blackmail" - almost a radio drama!
Now with singers, finger snapping, and stand up bass!

Thanks to Corey Stewart for his fantastic music on Lost in Concersation!

I put up music to @musicsongwriter 's song Smoke Without A Fire. A fun little pop punk tune. Enjoy Smile

I sang and played uke for these words by @cindyrella. I wanted to record it during yesterday's crazy rain and wind (it's a rain song), but I was comforting our nervous dog.

Added a demo for lyrics written by [@cipisces] for the Random Collab:

Added a demo for lyrics written by @Cicpisces for the Random Collab:

If you're ready for a good cry, check out what @Peter Arvidson did with my "Stained and Holy" lyrics. Oy vey!

If you're ready for a fun romp through your psyche, check out how I mangled this set of @Stephen Wordsmith lyrics!

I could not think of a way to make these lyrics into a song, until suddenly I did.

I added a demo to '12 Hangry Men':

Thank you so much Cindy and Alex for your beautiful collaboration.
Initial piece: *32660
New demo: *33323

I just added a demo to "Trickle Down" -- *32390

Just added a demo to yesterday's skirmish lyric "Distraction" *33673

Good to be working with @wyatt again!

The Cemetery has been updated with music: *32559

I have been blessed with many wonderful collaborators who have brought lyrics to life! I have done a bad job posting them here, but here are two very different ones from today:

Time Will Tell - an absolutely gorgeous ballad by T.C. A

I Like Sex - an upbeat fun punky pop tune by Sammy

A collab between [@dsweidle] and me - Whisper to the Clouds.

Collab between me and @Kingwood Kowboy, as we go Walking Down The Low Road Home (*33821).

My butterflies lyric has great tune now.

I added some words to @Edward Roussac's track "Procrastination is (still) a bad habit". (
I... uh.. procrastinated on finishing it. But it's worth a listen!

Musicated the prior posted lyrics, this with audio track:

Posting on a Sunday night, -- not a good idea Crazy hahhh!

deleted 2 previous versions, hope i got it right this time.

@metalfoot did a version of You Broke Me (and it rocked)
I also sang it (sorry) and here's that version

And he and I plan to somehow record a final version with him playing guitar and me singing. Smile

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I did a version of @Cicpisces "Beach sitter"

@dsweidel and I have a demo up of her lyrics to 'My Jolene'. She is planning to add her vocals later.