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Hi all, my demo EP came out last month. If you're interested, it's available on my website,, and on Bandcamp, at

There are six tracks, It'll Never Be, What Can I Do, Never Ours, Nosedive, Can You Guide Me, and She's My Drug. The bulk of these are from this year, mostly during FAWM. The exception being She's My Drug, which was written during 50/90 last year.

If you'd like to help send me to perform at the Island Hopper Songwriter Festival, in Florida, voting daily just takes a second, doesn't cost anything, and doesn't require any signup. Two clicks, and done ... Unless you need to sign in, since it houses your Facebook ID to reduce voter fraud. The link is here:

Thanks. Smile

Great EP Stuart. And good luck getting the Songwriter Fest. I vote for you every time I think about it.