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Write a series of 3 songs that reflect the musical styles of 3 consecutive decades.

For example:

50s - Rock and roll
60s - Psychedelia
70s - Disco


90s - Triphop
00s - Dubstep
10s - Grime

Tag the songs with #decades and #60s, #70s, #80s etc as appropriate

Music by decade (US perspective) :

Music by decade (UK perspective) :

The electronic music perspective :

Jumping off page for genre/style definitions (see also top right box for years) :

This is a great challenge. I'll give it a go once 50 90 starts.

What on earth is Grime? :o

Grime started out in London, Evolving from electronic, garage, rap sounds and more, often with lyrics based on inner city deprivation. Dizee Rascal might be one of the artists you have heard of. Grime artists interestingly came out in support of the UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the recent general election. Here's a useful link

This sounds like a really fun idea. Definitely bookmarking this challenge for some inspiration once we get underway! I fancy doing some 70s glam rock for sure...

I'd need a list of genres per decade to even ... well hair metal for the 80's, duh!

Grime's biggest name at the moment is probably Stormzy.

I'll see if I can find a genre by decade list to help with ideas - pre-2000 there tend to be clearer associations.

I love this idea, and I'm almost certainly going to try it out with tons of decades.

Also, @tcelliott, these obviously aren't the only genres for each decade, but they might help get the ball rolling. @atitlan pretty much nailed the first three for more guitar based stuff.

'50s: Rock 'N Roll
'60s: Early '60s pop ala Beatles/Monkees or psychedelic rock ala later Beatles
'70s: Disco or hard rock
'80s: Hair metal (as you said :P)
'90s: Grunge
'00s: Pop punk or post-grunge
'10s: Don't really know here. Maybe some more electro-leaning stuff ala Panic! At The Disco, and more atmospheric stuff like the new Radiohead or RHCP.

Seems like a fun challenge, so I will probably give it a try.

60s: MC5, Stooges punk.
70s: Sex Pistols, Clash, Dead Boys punk.
80s: Replacements, Minor Threat, Husker Du punk.
90s: punk died.
2000s: Joe Strummer died.
2010s: I can't believe it's 2017, what happened? Smile

Kidding, great idea for a challenge! Biggrin

@TomS - You could do something similar with House music from the 1980s onwards - a fairly well defined style that just keeps morphing into different variations over the years. Re '90s - punk died' wasn't it murdered rather than just dying - I'm thinking about the US pop-punk bands of the 90s.

Also - someone from Finland will be along shortly to give us a timeline of the 100s of variations of Death Metal ...

All - I've added a bunch of links to the first post in the thread covering some genre timelines and a jumping-off point for many genres of music to help people choose the styles they want to attempt.

@atitlan, how right you are! Smile

Pretty much every song I write draws inspiration from past musical styles, I like the arc spin that @TomS put on it, that gives me ideas to focus on one or more of my songwriting heroes. What follows is IMHO a list of my style inspirations. A lot of unmentioned musical styles even from that limitation for me to dwell on, and of course the musical styles are not limited to the following decades, thats just when they seemed to catch on:
40's - Some guy named Hank
50's - classic country, some guys named Elvis, Chuck, and Johnny
60's - folk rock, surf rock, Motown, Brill Building pop, some guys from England named John, Paul, George, Ray, Dave, Pete, Roger, Keith
70's - bubblegum pop, introspective singer-songwriter/guitar songs, glam rock, powerpop, Big Star/Alex Chilton, another guy named Elvis, new wave, some guy name Bruce
80's - alternative rock, synth pop, shoegazing, dream pop, Soul Asylum, MTV/music videos
90's - +1 on grunge @Powerstars,
00's - new folk, I get sick of recycled formula radio, start playing guitar and writing poor songs
10's - the rise of the indies, @thisisbeckyw, house concerts, I start writing lots of poor songs with the occasional good one
this could go on awhile Smile

@AndyGetch - Like your take on the music of various decades - good call on 70s introspective singer/songwriter stuff.

Noticeable US perspective of the 90s - grunge is always everything from that side of the pond. Ask a Brit and you're just as likely to get Britpop (Suede, Blur, Oasis, Pulp) or Triphop (Portishead, Massive Attack) as you are grunge.

@atitlan thanks Smile For me, there were a lot of other continuations of musical styles from prior decades. Grunge (and a bit of Britpop now that you mention it) was the only new to me style, I honestly did a lot less radio listening starting in the 90's Smile

40's #swing
50's #rock&roll
60's #psychedelic

... I'm thinking... I'm thinking...

why stop in the 20th century? what about the great international polka craze of 1844 ? (look it up, its on wiki, actually!) or the baroque styles of the 18th century? Smile
and if we are talking about the 1900's, maybe more recent and relevant- the bebop jazz of the 1940s->60's? swing of the 30's? dixieland of the 1920's? etc... have fun! Smile

@mike skliar - I had thought about that, but forgot to post about it. Maybe for pre-20th century music someone might want to try 3 different centuries.

I'm up for this one - Now to decide which decades! Smile

@mike skliar @atitlan Pre-20th century and different centuries! Now that's really challenging!

Here are my decades efforts

60's - "Beach Girl"
70's - "Let's Dance the Night Away"
80's - "You Hurt Me"

Here is I think a great 70s disco dance tune by Marthie that she created with some of my lyrics that I thought were indie adult contemporary ballad. I was blown away!