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What are you mad into right now and listening to a lot? What has been setting off your creative fires?

For all the year so far it's been the Smiths for me. Johnny Marr has guitar power that is unparalleled, all his super composed multi-layered riffs combined with the tight drums, ridiculously amazing basslines and of course Morrisey. I can't stop listening to songs like The Headmaster Ritual, What Difference Does It Make?, Ask, Handsome Devil etc. it's just too good. I don't like the Strangeways stuff, but everything else is pretty awesome.

I've always been a casual fan of Rush, being Canadian and all, and I've listened to many of their albums and Moving Pictures many times. But recently it really just hit me like wow. Moving Pictures and than Signals, which I've had the record of forever but never listened. "Subdivisions" is my song obbession at the moment, it drives me crazy how fricking great it is, a true masterpiece but a band who could just craft songs like no one really. The prog in the context of a 4-5 minute catchy rock song is what's most impressive. Monsters. I've been mad over some songs before, and there is still more to find! I never gave "Subdivisions" a listen beyond it casually being on the radio. It's just way too good like holy.

Seiko Oomori's new single "Shinigami" has been driving me crazy as well, such a great fricking track. It just tears things up.

I've gone mad for the Beach Boys once again, when I finally really listened to Smile Sessions. Pet Sounds is just too good, but this one song I've never heard till now from Summer Days and Summer Nights is a current obsession. "Let Him Run Wild" is a perfect tune, what a song it is. Brian Wilson had the best falsetto ever!

That's about it for any real "obsessions" from me at the moment. How about you guys?

The Nerves and all of their musical descendants. Smile

I'm still collecting string band and country 78rpm discs from the 1920s to the 1940s.
Still obsessed with Trout Mask Replica.
Beyond that, I've been pretty bored by music for quite a while. Nothing seems to turn my crank these days.

Can I be obsessed by my own music? I released 17 LPs, 1 EP, and a triple-sided single since February. Only the single wasn't FAWM 2018 lo-fi acapella.

That's over 12 hours of my own sweet voice.

At the moment I'm a bit obsessed with Father John Misty's album 'Pure Comedy' and the new one is starting to grow on me. I've also fallen back in love with the music of This Mortal Coil - 'Filigree & Shadow' is a thing of timeless beauty.

I can't stop listening to Queens of the Stone Age... Also this

@Fuzzy, Trout Mask Replica is a worthy obsession, man.
I've got that disillusionment with music aswell.
I'm getting up an expedition to go further out than before, discover some lost musical tribes.

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Keepin' On by Myrone
Midnight by Fickle Friends
Turn Back Time by Michael Oakley
Counting Stars by NINA

Fairly synthwave-y stuff. Smile

I'd be surprised tho if anyone here knew any of these.

I've been listening to some MIA in order to pull my songwriting brain out of the context of silence.

A chorus that goes 'All I wanna do is just *gunshots* and *cash register* and take your money!' can have exceptional impact, but I would never think of writing it in a squillion years.

Ooh, Stephen Wordsmith, if you don't use that for a chorus I will and credit you as a collaborator. Brilliant.

All credit is due MIA - but I would be quite keen to hear that chorus used in a song by someone who has never heard the original!

I've been listening to a lot of brand new hip-hop producers of late - learning terms like "808's" and such.

@Stephen Wordsmith I am quite familiar with that song as it's one of my partner's favorite songs - and would love to hear other's interpretations of it! I don't know that I could do much with it as I know it quite well.

i guess i qualify as someone who never heard that song with the line about gunshots and money.. as i dont even know what or who "MIA' is !

when i saw the beginning of that line typed, tho, i wanted to finish it with 'all i really want to do.. is baby, be friends with you' (which is the chorus of a bob dylan song from 1964's 'Another side of bob dylan' )

Heh. All my local friends are sharing the Rolling Stones' new 'top 100 songs of this century' list because Lorde features in the top 10.

But MIA's track comes in at number 2. Blimey.

(Link goes to top 10, in order. Needless to say, do not stream this particular video if you intend to recreate the chorus without hearing the original).

I am checking out Susto on youtube on the recommendation of a friend. I am enjoying it quite a bit. you should check them out.

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Tunnel Vision by Starplocked
Intoxicated by Limelght
Always by Owl City
You Came by Kim Wilde

Someone on my facebook asked the question: "What is pop-punk?" I said The Primitives is pop-punk, then spent all night listening to them on youtube. I had no idea they were still going right up until 2017.

Since I made my last comment I heard Gang Gang Dance's new album - the title track 'Kazuashita' is definitely my new obsession - can't stop playing it.

I am currently obsessed with Crys Mathews

Also, I love Rhiannon Giddens.

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New York duo, Little Jackie and The Bamboos. Those are two different groups by the way

@cts - The Bamboos are great - the album 'Rawville' being my favourite.

Listening to Dweezel Zappa and Steve Vai playing together was great fun and provided loads of inspiration, but also proved to me that my aspirations far exceed my abilities.

I think that's true for all of us, @1B King.

I agree with @1B King and @Fuzzy

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I've been listening to a lot of Courtney Barnett--both her album with Kurt Vile and her solo stuff.

I've been obsessed with this song, hadn't seen the video till today but I love it:

and her newest album "Tell Me How You Really Feel":

We’ve seen Courtney Barnett three times in the last year. Saw the Kurt Vile/Courtney Barnett tour too, and that video is hilarious, watching them mimic each other.

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Jealous! I saw her a couple of years ago in Milwaukee when she opened for Belle and Sebastian, dream ticket for me and we were standing right up in front. (and I got to get up on stage and dance with B&S during Legal Man!) Her guitar playing is really interesting--left-handed, no pick.

JAIN. I was introduced to "Makeba" ( earlier this year and I ended up downloading her album and I'm considering going to see her in Denver in October because I LOOOOVE HEERRRR. She's a French artist who incorporates a lot of world influences including African rhythms, reggae and electronica into her work.

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Yeah, @atitlan! I see they also released a new project this past week. I think Kylie Auldist has an incredible voice!

Auditioning for The Police tribute band. So there is that.

As crazy as this sounds, I’ve been obsessed with my music lately. Not because I think it’s amazing or anything narcisstic like that, but because I’ve been combing it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it’s everything I want it to be. It’s like I’m in a foggy haze of EDM sounds I’ve created and I can’t escape it until everything is perfect Beee

Other than that I’ve been bumping AronChupa’s “Rave in the Grave” since it’s a rip off of Alfons “Basta Boy” which is in turn itself a rip off of Alfons “Ganjaman” lol

@colgoo I thought that read 'Cerys Matthews' at first ... Smile

@Barry Goldman you can't go wrong with Rush and the Smiths. Probably my two greatest influences right there.

@Robyn Mackenzie thanks so much the Jain link, one of the best videos I've ever seen.

I've been seeking out singer songwriters who use just electric guitar and voice, so of course I've been listening to Margaret Glaspy (I've finally got over her voice being a little affected, but I now think it's authentic) with her great Tele sounds:

And you don't get any better than Aoife, Sarah and Sara ... wow!

After watching several episodes of The Good Old Days (there's loads on YouTube -, I seem to have absorbed the rhythmic structure of the music hall songs to the point that everything that I say sounds to me like it could be a line in a song. You know, just in case anybody needs a songwriting boost.

Little bit obsessed with Texas at the moment.
All their songs work for me. Just a great collection of tunes.

new records by florence and the machine, jim james, joan baez, van morrison, the complete discographies of laura nyro, janis ian, john mayall, and tori amos.

Not for creativity, but I just got back from seeing Once on this Island, and I'm pretty sure Alex Newell is going to be a musical obsession for a while just for sheer vocal prowess. I honestly didn't realize he was a man until after the show was done and I read The Who's who on him. He's got some incredible whistle tones on him!

American Epic

I found it in the Amazon video archive, in 4 parts.

If even, imo, one is not a music history inclined person, -- it has allot to consider if can sit and watch and think about it.

I find some of this "history" channel stuff typically thin, but, this offers some granulairty and supposition and by now the grandchildren and etc. -- their family and others who were there. (Interesting factoid, Dizzy Gillespie was a 10yo next door to one of these places, not far from where I lived some time ago... and D.G. references it in a description of his music, the "beats and melodies of...). Effect.

They do a great job pointing out the "obvious"... 1900... ~1900 - 1930 ~ there was NO Radio, (no TV Lol ), no regional or national "News Papers", no homogenisation of Rural-Urban-Suburban neighborhood/town cultures. And so it goes if one is interested, -- I am Smile

It's interesting to me to hear a solid Thread of similarity of what was said to then be distributed, Victor/Okey Records... though from isolated, pre "Mass Media" adulturation. I hear a sound then, still surviving today, if even from the TN mountains, or Hawaii, or Urban coast cities.

And, if anyone is a Jack White enthusiast, they will get what he's doing here too and the Technology considerations of how they recorded. (Lots was lost to WWII in many ways, --American Metal in this, since a 1926 mold then in war recycle mold would not have been thought twice about; like today... if only we kept our GTO's ... ).

My wife, from S. India asked, "how do you get from that to Rock and Roll..." -- good question. "Fidelity" of sound then did not "exist", so to speak and Humbucker pickups with 100w Marshalls, were only coming into existence... as you and I do now, FAWM5090 with "Demos" we hear modulations of notes, chords, vocals and make our own head-space connections, and --so they did. I also think, some culture, or cast of a culture in "misery" finds others and makes connections, especially in the "art" world. I'll have to get a good, vetted book on *UK cultural oppression, history (I know I was amazed at Irish history... --no, they don't teach that in Pub School USA, not when I was there Smile ). [Any suggestion of Reads/Videos, for the krappe the English did to each other, circa '40 - '70 -- as we all do/did... would be great to hear about. "Hint", America's milestone date (one of them) is 1964, -- Civil Rights Act of 1964. The EEOC branch of Law/Governance, imo, is what made "modern" America today. Three things happened that year, as tipping point, and once "due process" was addressed, -- it happened.]

-- One can follow cultural comfort level, via it's Muzak Lol (it used to be via it's visual art... now, imo, it's more sonic based)

So, derUgo! Crazy

"What it means to be American", --interview:

They only had a crowd of 3-5 thousand when signed.

-- No one wanted to listen to them, so they threw backyard parties and just kept doing it...

-- For me, more than just an interview. For the technically inclined they will get the tech/equp connection, especially the Variac ... which I discovered on my own and it blew my mind (rather than trying so hard to build a 1W Tube shorting all I could to ground and still have it work, have tone, sound good. Lot's of "tid-bits" about every 10mins or so in this 55min video. (Very appropriate for FAWM5090, "what it takes", how and why.)

Wow, no one's engaging this thread... oh well... -- at the $3 (not $5... I got 10 movies for $3 on a collection disc)... anyway... at the $3 bin at Wal Mart, great movie for anyone imo, "Straight Outta Compton" ... with followup tracks/video of/with:

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

Eazy E - Boyz-n-the-Hood

NWA - Fuk Da Police

RUN-DMC - It's Tricky

RUN-DMC - Walk This Way (Aerosmith)

AC/DC-Its a long way to the top (if you want to rock n roll) [I love bagpipes with my inner city rap]

Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones - Baby Please Don't Go (live)

Music 2

The other day I was painting my porch in the hot sun, and Spotify served me some New Politics. I listened to that exuberant pop-punk-dance music for the rest of the week: Harlem, CIA, Everywhere I Go, etc. had me dancing, paintbrush in hand.

The new Neko Case album is pretty great, too

Some might call it obsessive, @yam655 but I prefer to call it survival--of the music, that is. Get it out there and on the internet, from which nothing really leaves. Let others have the opportunity to take it or leave it. THink of the music as flying free. That's not obsession. GLoating over soemthing no-one will ever hear in a dark computer cabinet somewhere, now THAT would be obsession.

"Rock" songs with Glockenspiel.

Hendrix (nice - "Little Wing", U2, Duffy, Beachboys (nice one - "Sloop John B") ... still looking and for ref lists.

I have no idea HOW I got this one in my head... but, derUgo Crazy (Maybe I can put it into overdrive through a 100w tube head... ? Like Jon Lord with his Hammond... the next rock star craze, glockenspieling headbanger. I don't know, how cool can you be with those little mallets? Lol )