CTHULHU's Birthday Sale!

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All this week at www.RPGNow.com and www.DriveThruRPG.com. Lovecraft fans, you too can buy my entire soundtrack music for The Shadow Over Innsmouth, over 40 minutes of epicness and fear, at a mere $4.95 !!! You owe it to yourself to keep Yog-Sothoth away, right? Right!

More details: the prologue, which is a freebie, is on youtube: https://youtu.be/AJ6-lRviEis And there's a 5 minute free sampler available on those RPG sites. Look for the Cthulhu Sale banners, and ask for The Shadow Over Innsmouth!

My publisher on RPGNow is DARKLING HARP! Buy! Buy!!!

Nice video to promote your music! I like that imagery. Bought the Complete set, but can't hear it until I unzip the file on my PC. Looking forward to the darkness it will undoubtedly inspire!

My hubby-man just published a new module there, too; and he's written some on Cthulhu, as well. I'll tell him about this soundtrack, he'll want it.

I saw that over there, but didn't realize that was you. Excellent stuff!

I keep meaning to get this piece of music. But I do have questions. I mean, as an extra-dimensional interloper in our time/space, can we truly know the “birth” “day” of Cthulhu? Is birth even a thing for critters like that? Is a day even a thing? Is Cthulhu a “thing” in our universe?

@barbara xxxxx & xxxx!

@Aging Ophelia Aha! Perhaps we should strive to produce some joint bundles!

@standup Darkling Harp accepts the edicts of the holders of the Dark Doors of Perception ie RPGNow, who surely have such arcane knowledge, else they'd just be running, rather than running a birthday sale. Such acceptance frees my publisher to concentrate on what really matters, such as being respectful to people who look like they're changing into some disgusting seal-thing, or how to politely direct the searching tentacles toward those more worthy of attention, or being kind to cats headed moonwards.