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Leave your username below and I'll draw a card for you from the Creative Whack Pack by Roger von Oech. Each card holds a Keyword and an anecdote to spur creativity or reframe a challenge. Use some or all of the card to create a song and post a link to your creation below.

An example card is:

Have Something At Stake

57 A frozen-fish processor had trouble selling a new line of frozen fish because it tasted "flat." The company tried everything to keep the fish fresh including holding them in tanks until just before processing - but no avail. Then someone suggested: "Put a predator in there with them - that should keep them fresh." This idea worked like a charm. The fish kept moving and retained their vitality. Moral: have something at stake - survival, self-esteem, mney, reputation - so that you'll be motivated to make your idea successful. What do you have at stake?

I'll start pulling cards Saturday, July 5th.

Please and thank you!

This sounds genuinely mad. I'm in.


Yup i will have a crack at it thx

Why not ... ! Please count me in.

I'll take a whack at the pack

Flip me a card too, I'm devoid of anything at this point...


yeah i will have a try please Smile

Sign me up!

Whack pack cards delivered to all to this point. I will draw cards daily - come back as often as you like, or sign up brand new! Thanks for playing along!

Yes please Pearl

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I wanna play more games this time around Smile

I can always use some new inspiration. I'd take a draw too please. Thank you.

gimme a whack or a smack, please.

I'm in, this sounds interesting. Thanks for doing it!

I’d like to have one too, please.
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Me too please. Thank you.

Thank you for your challenge. Here is my instrumental:

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Please could I have another card as well?

Here's mine!
Thanks, @Pearlmanhattan, this was fun experience.

I will take one