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You know you want to. Dust off that cowbell and give it the honor it deserves by making it's lovely sound the "core" of the song! It can be full out cowbell solos or just a song with heavy cowbell influences. Take a beater and ring a "real" one, or find some fancy sound effect variety (not nearly as therapeutic). The cowbell has different sound qualities depending on where you hit it, and of course, if you are a true hardcore cowcore person, you can get multiple bells of different tones!

A sample of mine from 2015:

Who's in? Tag them #cowcore so we can find each other!

Bonus points if you play it while it's still attached to the cow!!

As always, I am very excited about, and will definitely participate in, this challenge. I remain particularly fond of my cowbell song from this year's FAWM, Cowbell Daredevil (The Legend of Stumpy Jones), and am in the process of redoing it (including better vocals) for my debut album. There's just something magical about #cowcore.

I had a lot of fun with this for FAWM. Maybe I'll finish writing my cowcore EP.

double bonus if you get the cow to play the bell while it wears it... triple if you get it to moo.

added music and cowbell to lyrics by @kahlo2013

Haha hear hear @Fuzzy

This is not my band, but this is a beginner band piece that I've done with my kids in the past. Seriously thinking of doing it this year again because my incoming 5th graders are Sam's Club sized hams. They would love it.