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You know you want to. Dust off that cowbell and give it the honor it deserves by making it's lovely sound the "core" of the song! It can be full out cowbell solos or just a song with heavy cowbell influences. Take a beater and ring a "real" one, or find some fancy sound effect variety (not nearly as therapeutic). The cowbell has different sound qualities depending on where you hit it, and of course, if you are a true hardcore cowcore person, you can get multiple bells of different tones!

Who's in? Tag them #cowcore so we can find each other!

I still need to find my cowbell. Don't know what my son did with it.

I lost my real cowbell, with the clapper. If I try this, it will be with a handmade African Agogo - much harsher and wilder sounding than the modern machine made ones.

Anyone who argues against the use of cowbells, well; their points are moo’t.

Cowbells 4 life.

Edit: I endeavour to write a song this fyny season called “Mediocre Cowcore”

I have a song from FAWM '18 about a cow that keeps time in a band with her cowbell. She's kept in her band, even though she's not very good and she's always throwing the tempo of their songs off. It's in fluid time.

I am going to keep this in mind. I was actually thinking about this the other day and wondered if would come up. For a song I collaborated on, I "heard" a Triangle in it, --which I've never used, so got a set, and then picked up Claves and a Shaker too... and I had cowbell on my mind too (a few around w/drum kit). I loved being able to add the Triangle and Clave, -- never did before. Very subtle, but adds allot. I think the cowbell will do the same, -- doesn't have to be "Miississippi Queen" to be good. Music 2

My cowcore offering is posted!

From last Sunday's skirmish..."Blackmail"