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You've heard the rumors, now experience the power of Cowcore yourself! This isn’t for the clink-clink-clink type of cowbell of Saturday Night Live fame; though I approve of the volume in that skit. This is for full out cowbell solo as a major part of your song! Make it the “core” of your song. Get it? That equates to Cowcore! Experiment with the sounds the different surfaces of the bell make. Try banging it with different types of beaters for a change up. Make a “drum set” of multiple bells and do your own cowbell rendition of Wipe-Out! Feel the zen of a bell well played.

Oh, and tag it Cowcore so we can find each other and love on the bell together! You know you want to! Join us! It just feels good!

I'm in! Biggrin

I’ve done a few Cowcore songs in the past that I remain quite fond of. I look forward to doing another this 50/90!