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The cowbell. It is not just for cows. It deserves more freedom than acting like a metronome. Give it a full out solo!

This challenge is to make cowbell the core of your song so the song cannot live without it. If you are a lyric-only person, write a cowbell love song...or cowbell murder ballet...depending on your mood. If you are electronic, I know there are lots of sounds out there. I have my own physical bell that I bang with delightful abandon. It caused a stir going through airport security as I traveled to FAWMstock in 2019 but being Princess of the Cowbell of course I had to bring it.

Have fun. Relieve stress. Join the silliness. Tag your creation Cowcore and add a link to your song below so we can find each other.

A favorite challenge of mine! I look forward to participating again!

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I've seen it many times in the past but wasn't sure I was up to challenge. THAT may change this year.

I have more cowbells at my disposal now, Darci! I'm guessing the old gargoyle cowbell orchestra could be persuaded to reform this year... Wink

Definitely gonna give this one a go this year. Listened to quite a few last time round and was very inspired...

Will give this a go

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...and it's a great song, too! Smile

Here is my contribution to the cowbell. A bit rough around the edges. I am learning to video edit.
May not be my last (cowbell) song. These girls may have a second trip in them.