is the countdown clock correct this year?

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i seem to remember that we actually started on july 3 in my part of the world. so, it stands to reason that it would end before the end of sept 30. i believe we have gone through this before, where a last day has been opened up after the clock is allegedly over. i'm close to my goal, needing one more song each day to hit 100 lyrics, so inquiring minds want to know.

The clock starts when the starting day first appears in eastern Russia, Fiji, New Zealand GMT+12. The clock ends when the closing day ends in western Alaska, Pago Pago GMT-11. So to people in the middle, 5090 will appear to start some time the day before, and end some time the day after.

The clock should match this year. I found a code discrepancy and changed it to match in both the song post and front page. So, it should work correctly this year. (note - should... not will... I've thought it "should" in the past. Wink )

@Eric Distad The front page countdown timer seems incorrect. Right now it is Tue Sep 27 2pm (GMT-11). The clock says 4 days 23 hours. That would mean ending Sun Oct 2 1 pm. So you need to shorten the timer by 13 hours. We should be at 4 days 10 hours (minus elapsed time)

In the past, it ended on October 1st, 6 AM CST (Noon, London.) If you are one hour off of London time then it should be correct, @iveg

By my calculation of the hours left on the countdown (4 days, 8 hours, 23 minutes right now at 11:37am EST on 9.28.2016) the site will close for posting at 8pm EST on October 2nd! Is that right?
9/28 + 4 days = 10/2

Is this something that matters?

Yes and no. If you are writing songs up until cut off time and the cut off time changes it can be disconcerting. I wasn't active at the end so I'm not sure if it was accurate or not, but in years past when I was up early to get one or two more final songs in or up late pulling a late night feast it could have been a real disappointment to find I couldn't post the songs because the counter was off.

Also, this year there was a super skirmish being planned and the information was being used for the schedule.