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But don't we still need two more people?

@Rainchaser - hmm, at a push we could make it a four person piece, and cross our fingers that a fourth will turn up?

Well if we keep on bumping this thread then yeah yeah we eventually will. Wink

@Rainchaser - BUMPing the thread you say?

I've had a strange idea...

Three people write and record two different (or same) sections musically to make a whole song from, and another writes words and melody?

Is that still a Corpse?

Seems vaguely corpse, if nobody's totally aware of what the others are doing.
What's the status on progressive Corpse BERYL?


As Marvin Gaye said, "what's goin' on?"


Less than three weeks of 50:90 left, and no movement with any corpses for over a week.

What's happening?

@pipewrench67, @downburst...

Oh, there are no more going. Sad

As I said over on FB, I'm game to do a 3-person lo-fi collab if we want to roll that one!

@Rainchaser - can you start it then please?

@pipewrench67, @iveg & @AndyGetch - just one run each on Beryl now!

@marvsmooth I just got done finishing my song for the morph challenge. Smile Also, I'm at work so I can't work on it right now, but I can work on it tomorrow!

Sorry everyone I have half finished part for Beryl, I don't really think I can get much more done on it, unfortunately.
I will get it to some sort of finished point and send it along, life isn't allowing much time to do these things right now. again I apologize for the extra long time I've been holding on this one. @iveg, @marvsmooth , @AndyGetch , @headfirstonly

@pipewrench67 - there's no need to apologise P, I held us back with how long I took to get it started.

There's still more than three weeks left for the three participants left, including yourself Smile

I'm sure that whatever you have will be amazing, as always.

I'm not exactly Mr Around-A-Lot lately either!

Christ. I have completely dropped the ball on this. Haven't even thought about it until just now when I got a nudge. What do you all want to do? I have all the parts of Crystal except for mine, duh. I can try to work on it, or someone else can pick up the thread. Whatever you like. I can still stitch.

Really sorry to have so thoroughly lost track of things. I really have not been in 5090 mode this year.


Rod, I understand where you're coming from....

Saying that though, I always like it when you give corpses the "@downburst treatment"! Good

I have to think of a piece to follow from @Rainchaser's piece in C# - got the lyrics and melody (sort of), so will have to transpose, or come up with a chord run to key change it.

Working on Beryl.

Thank you @iveg Smile

@marvsmooth You're confusing me here. Are you saying my song is in C#? Or are you trying to come up with a song in the key of C#?

@Rainchaser - it's just me. I do all my internet whist driving - like now... Just texting without thinking it out!

You finished on a lovely C#m chord...

I went with a key change to A major Smile

(For those interested, in my rush typing whilst driving at 60mph I accidentally put that the relative major to C#m was A, which when I looked back I realised immediately what I'd done! - I should stop internetting and driving, but then I'd not be doing 50:90) Beee

@marvsmooth Oh! Actually my song is in the key of E, though I don't remember ending the song on a vi. I may have to listen to it again! Lol

Oh and the relative major for C#m would be E. But you can use an A instead, if you like the idea of it. I Think it's always good to keep the listener guessing. You don't want your songs to be too predictable! Smile

Damn... Hits self on head! Of course it is.... I hope it works now....

Need to listen back!!!

So I gave it a listen to my track again and I was right. I ended the song on the root chord.

I'll have a better listen, as I cheated...

When rushed I use software to work out chord structures for me, which makes it easier to just get to it!

I might add a link from the E then. There's only three of us after all!

am warming up for Beryl in the on-deck circle

It's all yours, Andy. Take it home!

Good luck @AndyGetch

@iveg @marvsmooth I'm on it!

Any news on Crystal, @downburst?

Fire Agate has been posted up -

I think everyone was. I don't see myself on this list, but the interim corpse died before it got to me.

@downburst if you don't feel like finishing maybe you could send the other files to me and I can stich together Crystal Corpse as it is now?
Or maybe @Vom Vorton, @reklov & @atitlan could send their parts to me directly instead, would really like to finish it up.

Another corpse ticked off, folks. Enjoy the proggy goodness that is BERYL.

@Mt.Mélodie are you going to assemble the reduced size Crystal Corpse? Should we add a placeholder or something? I'd love to hear something from it, even if it's incomplete (cc @atitlan, @reklov, @downburst)

@Vom Vorton, @Mt.Mélodie - If you want access to my part of Crystal just let me know and I'll send you the Dropbox link. I think without downburst, mine becomes the end piece. It's not an ideal ending, but it may just about work.

(The Diet Ghost Of) Crystal Corpse (or 3/5 of it)
never got @reklov's part so it's just part 1, 2 & 4