Connecticut? Or greater New England?

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Anyone here from Connecticut? Or Massachusetts? Or heck, I'll even accept the greater New England area! Biggrin

Methuen, MA checking in.

Just the two of us? Well, I'm sure we're more than enough to fill the Northeast up with music! Smile

There are usually some other New England folks. I'm always hopeful that people will post to these regional forums, and a little sad when no one does. Hopefully a few people will come out of the woodwork tomorrow.

Hi - Shelton checking in for now and probably sporadically over the course of the event. I always seem to want to join and then summer happens.

I'm in Connecticut. Working on a bunch of songs as we speak. Hope to have some finished and uploaded soon.

Cool, a couple more CT people over the last few days! I don't feel so alone now! Biggrin

Cambridge, MA. Not really shooting for 50, but planning to post a few as they come to me.

New Hampshire, I am slow to get started, but wanted to say "Hi", hope I'll see some folks at FawmStock