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See the amount of comments you've GIVEN on the Front Page?

Try to keep that number at least TWICE the size to the one on the Comments page of the ones you've RECEIVED.

I assure you, it'll be a blast!

E.g. I've received 15 comments, so I should try to give at least 30.

If I spent as much time actually making music as I currently do reading / posting, I'd probably have a song by now. The amount of comments I've given will always be at least twice I've received unless I make a song. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Scratch one-s head

I'm a big believer in in this (and am well above the "two-for-one" ratio personally), for two reasons:

1) The principal one is that listening to others' songs is one of the great joys of 50/90. Given that I'm listening (and reading lyrics) anyway, why not spread happiness and let people know how much I appreciate and enjoy their work?

2) The selfish one is that it creates a positive feedback loop. Others have noted this as well, but I find that, at least for me, commenting on others' songs is one of the most effective ways to get those people interested in listening to mine. Which makes absolute sense; indeed, before I start listening to "random" songs during a listening session, I always go through any new comments I've received -- whether from someone whose work I already know, or someone completely new to me -- just so I can be sure to return the favor!

Currently sitting at 61-32. Three more comments, and I'll be having a blast, it seems.

I'm not good at leaving comments but I'll give it a go Smile

Interesting method. I think the first five days are an important group formation time, --a time to reach out, esp. with new folks. We can't get back the initial meet and greet ramp up. Niches form, and then persist.

Dumping a basket of songs in the first days may work for some though, I guess.

However, your suggestion is a good one for the community to better bind, and move from the ivory tower perch you may think you have. Those can go away, so, always a good thing to remain approachable and communicative.

And again, for new folks, or w/o a "following", --proactively, authentically, reach out as you suggest here. I love all the new people I keep meeting. They are what keep me growing, and well.

Thank you, and to them, and those to come!

I reciprocate every comment that I get and then I try to listen to at least 3 additional songs each day. Last year I think I broke 200 comments and 50 songs written. I like leaving comments.

I thought I was doing this and then realised I'm only at a 1:1 ratio Smile Thanks for the idea. Do you guys have a commenting strategy? I've been looking for zongs or songs with just 1-2 comments, but there's a recency bias there. Jukebox is also a cool way of discovering random songs although sadly yesterday the site crashed just as I was going to comment on some great songs.

I try to take time to listen a lot and comment. The great thing here is to doscover so many New Fantastic songs and people.
I really enjoy Both giving and reciving comments. Dont have a strategy I try though

my goal is to listen and comment on everything, but stuff gets added quicker than I can log in and keep up! Guess theres plenty of time still Smile

For me, commenting is an important part of the 5090 experience, partly because it distracts my inner critic, and I get ideas of things to try, like different musical elements "oh what's that chord" or using different instruments "yeah time to get out my _____ and play it".

I'm on 103:78. This game is MUCH harder than you think it would be! Still giving it my best shot though Smile

102 received, 169 given. As @French Cricket says, this game is harder than it seems! In my spare time at work (with no speakers, alas) I look through lyric zongs to catch up Smile


To get total comments received it seems one has to open each song and count so as not to count response to comments. So, if I get a comment and then respond there, it shows as #2 -- which is incorrect. It would be great to have a total of just the comments I guess. I find rereading them, much later is even more helpful -- I feel different in general, about the song, I understand the new folks better, what they may mean more specifically, etc.

The totals I have on my Home page is, as of now:
Forum Posts: 55
Song Comments: 171
Soundboard Posts: 44

I think all of "this" really percolates more-better if one, when, e.g. "bored" ? then thinks of a Forum post for which when answered may help how "you" think about stuff. Or, look carefully for posts, e.g. "happiness for a writer" ... and do read the answers, and consider them for yourself.

I find too, reading the soundboard posts folks leave each other helpful on occasion too. Sometimes it is an extended commentary referring a song and critical feedback... which I then track down and sometimes go "oh, yeah"... and very glad folks here do get granular.

I've learn many things ... e.g., which folks who seemed one way and were another... wonderfully and not so wonderfully, and then just who, over time is trying as hard as they can to communicate here. Then, now after a couple of these and FAWMs and then how they engage Facebook... feel better about being here since see it is, can be more of a growth environment if stuck with.

The new folks who then stay, or even one-offs tend to "make it" in one great aspect. The very narrow band of folks who are locked into their lanes... well, it's just good to know the highway here is big and like the "commuter" lane ... with their own cars full of people, can't leave that lane either Smile due to the concrete barrier that controls entry.

I like my slow lane, stay to the Right (unlike the UK, then Left Smile ) ... all the exits and re-entries are on my side too! Smile

SoDerUgo... telefunkingUberwriting... as I ustaknow, got handhammered then made to go a nutation path

Normal practice for responding to comments on songs is that you do so on the commenter's soundboard (i.e. their profile page) not on the song - because if you comment on the song page, they won't see that you've responded.

Do that, and the comment count will make more sense.

After a burst of commenting this weekend I'm very nearly at a 1:1 ratio for received and made comments. In past years I made more comments than I received, which is the way it should be: commenting is the lifeblood of 50/90, just as it is for FAWM.

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45 received, 81 comments given. I'm almost caught up!