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This is sort of the synthesis of several different threads over more than one year. More than once the subject of commenting has come up and the fact that while many of us want constructive comments, a lot of us don't want to be critical in our comments.. myself included. I find that I'm always worried about being too critical when I don't know what a person's actual experience level is. @nutation has a great conversation about this going on in songwriting.

A couple of solutions have been suggested, including having special tags (that might have been in a nutation thread too). So here's my suggested solution. One, lets start up some tags. You can go back and tag old songs as well. If you have a song and you would like honest constructive criticism on it, then tag it #constructivecriticism If you have a song and you think it needs some work, and you want some help/suggestions about what to do, tag it #needshelp

Also, I remember that last year @Powerstars started this great thread where you would post a link to a song you wanted comments on, and you'd comment on the previous one. I say lets start that up again, but lets add that you can be specific about what sorts of feedback you are looking for.

I'll start. I'm posting this one because I'm really proud of it, and I would like people to listen, but I'm thick skinned. If you have a suggestion, you can give it to me. I may or may not take you up on it, but I'll definitely appreciate your interest in helping.

This is a good idea for a thread, and I'll be happy to comment on others' songs. I don't have any I'm seeking comments/suggestions for. The songs I know I'm going to perform are mainly ones I wrote for a very specific purpose, and I'm usually pretty happy with those as is. The rest will gather figurative dust in the figurative attic of my computer.
I have no expertise, but I've gathered some trial/error self-awareness from writing and performing, and I'm happy to share.

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@katpiercemusic, I'm so glad you posted your song here. I listened and my brain went haywire thinking of the different options of what you could do with that song. It was of a comical/theatrical sort in my mind and it allowed my imagination to soar. I'm not sure if its the sort of feedback that you had in mind, but I kinda feel like you gave me the privilege of an imagination exploration. I don't expect every song will have that effect, but yours did.

I appreciate your comments. It will definitely be getting a re-orchestration after 50/90. Now someone post a song and get the chain moving along!