Comment Save Button Not Working!

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Perhaps I have commented too much, but I am no longer able to leave comments on anyone's songs. I can put text in the comment box but the save button is not live anymore so I can't save them. I have tired logging in an out of the site, clearing memory from my device, turning my device on and off, and nothing seems to work!

Anyone else with similar issue or ideas how to fix?

Gracias! I can still write on soundboards, here, and post songs... so I don't think I was inadvertently blocked! Or intentionally?!?

I haven't been able to comment on sound boards, can't find my messages and people say they sent me one, it should go to my email but it's not.
I have also messaged many people about their comments but nothing in return so idk if they even got them lol.

The first step in both these cases might be to clear your browser cache. If that doesn't fix it, let us know what browser you are using and I can do some checking.

I just cleared it and I clear my phone almost daily but I'll see if that works thanks.