Come Together


This was done as part of my university recording project. This was actually recorded in June, but I didn't gain access to a mixed version until October.

I'm on lead vocals and keyboards
Josiah Coutts - electric guitar (left channel), backing vocals (verses)
Michael Cucanic - electric guitar (right channel), backing vocals (chorus)
Cole Catania - bass guitar
Leigh Martin - drums




Fuzzy's picture

Ooh, a great cover version of this classic track.
I like the live band sound.
I'm enjoying your aggressive vocals.
This tune is really nice and full of attitude.
Great work here for sure!

Roddy's picture

very nice, the harmonies are great. Nice band you have there.

lowhum's picture

Beyond the tradition it has a bit of a pnuk and brit popo- feeling - great yoghurt shouts on the left. You pretty much come nicely together as aband. ON!

JamKar's picture

You really leaned into those vocals, making it sound spontaneous and carefree. Something the Beatles were known for.