Come Together

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I read recently Paul McCartney wanted to add harmony vocals to Come Together but John Lennon didn't want him too. So here's an imagined track for Come Together with harmonies, a ukulele rhythm part and a standard tuning slide part that George Harrison might have played. Sorry Ringo but I don't have the skills to add anything to your drumming and so my drums remain a weak imitation of what you did.




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Exceptional parts separation on this track. Harmonized vocals sound great, as does the Harrison style slide on that bridge. A charming cover for certain.

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a perfect example of stayng true to the original but making it into something of your own..possibly what makws it work so well is that your new parts are so close to what the beatles might have done with them had your ideas been theirs. really cool alternative to the original.

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I really enjoyed the harmony and the uke. Close to original but different.

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Yeah, I like the harmonies.
Great slide accents.
And lovely slide solo for sure.
Your version is much more accessable than the original; more laid back and lacking John's thinly-veiled aggression.
Excellent work!
(BTW, John wasn't singing "shoop..." or whatever; he was actually singing "Shoot it" - the "it" is covered up by a drum hit. Random Beatles trivia.)

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I'd never heard that story but the song really calls out for vocal harmonies. Sweet version, especially the slide! Smile A bit more relaxed and positive than the original, to me. Smile