Come and get your rock hands!

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To parody my own song, "Come and get your rock hands, your rock hands!"

If you donate at least $10 you get rock hands next to your name whenever you post and on your profile. If you donate at least $25 you get free file hosting for 50/90. You can donate at the following link:

And our hosts have been so gracious as to allow you the same features if you by an equal amount of swag. So if you buy at least $10 of merch you get the rock hands and at least $25 gets you the hosting as well as the awesome Fawm related items. Stock is limited. Sizes and styles and items may be unavailable at this time. But you can look at what is left at this link:

Q: I donated 17 seconds ago and I still haven't received my rock hands. What gives?
A: Rock hands are manually added to your user profile by the awesome hosts of this wonderful experience. That means it is done with care and great precision. But it also means you're getting individual attention from folks who have, like, jobs and stuff. Which means it is possible it could be 12 *gasp* hours or even... *super huge gasp* 24 hours before you get your rock hands. Please be patient.

Q: You said it could be up to 12 hours. But I got mine in less than five minutes. What gives?
A: @Jen Distad is awesome. But she only spreads her awesomesauce on our 50/90 bread when she's not busy trying to earn money to eat food and care for her bass guitar. Which means all the other slower and only slightly less awesome folks have to fill in and, well... not everyone can be a Jen.

If you enjoy 50/90 as much as I do and can reasonably afford a donation, please consider putting in $10 for rock hands or $25 for rock hands and hosting. I’m not at all affiliated with the admin of this site; I’m just a big fan who understands how much time and, yes, money the people behind the curtain spend keeping this great summer tradition going for all of us!

Done. Smile

Getting rock hands is one of my first tasks each year after the site refresh. I appreciate all the site admins and all the work they do to provide this wonderful creative environment for all of us!

May I say thank you here to the anonymous donor who gave me Rawk hands for 50/90. I am grateful.

Me too @metalfoot . I try to do that before the first song gets posted.

Reporting for duty.

A small price to pay for this awesome opportunity.

Done Smile
Now I wait with great excitement for my new hands to arrive Smile

@Amanda West Lookin' gooooood!

@Sw1n3flu I got em !!! It's like Christmas in July !

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I got ‘em!

@Amanda West - there’s a song right there! Christmas In July...

Actually, when my stepdad was working abroad, he, my mum, and half-brother came back to the UK in Summer for a few weeks. Me and my brother Mark actually decorated their house, including tree and wrapped presents underneath, ready for them to come home to.

@marvsmooth that's a wonderful memory Smile and yes, a song right there Smile Maybe not a universal one.... maybe a country one... I'll have to talk to @Krayzie003 Wink

Money is a problem this summer, so I'm not able to donate for the first time in 10 years.
However, it looks like someone FAWM D. Rockingfeller'd me. Thank you to the benefactor!
Sweet rock hands.

You mean I donated to and I missed out on getting this lousy t-shirt? DAMMIT!

Ooh, my rock hands have arrived. I donated 2 days ago, but had somehow forgotten to check if I had rock hands... And I do! Wheee!

Hurah rah rah! They arrived very quickly. It just occured to me that Rock Hands are like the opposite of giving a finger. Smile

Excited to get mine! Made my donation today. Greatest experience. SO glad I was told about it

It's time to bump this thread! If you haven't donated yet, consider doing so - show the folks who keep this site going that you appreciate them.
Just 10 bucks gets you your rock hand - and a name with a rock hand next to it looks super cool.