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I hope it's okay to start a thread of possible collaborations. We do have tags in songs of course but it might be also helpful if we wrote what we are looking for in one thread and perhaps this would help many of us to find collaborators.
I'll start.

I can offer a piano track or if you are happy with synths a synths track for you to add whatever you feel fits.
I'm looking for singers in theatre/stage/singer/songwriter/musical styles for a few of my songs and collaborations.

If anyone is interested please post your comment here or on my board.

Please join me with posting what you are looking for.

Always okay to start a thread! Once we get to September, I should have time and maybe we can collaborate. I can sing most any style.

@Aging Ophelia awesome. Looking forward to collaborating with you in September. Thank you.

I am always looking for 50/90 collaborations Smile I also write with some folks here outside of 50/90, which is really cool too.

Yes, 50/90, fawm and outside are all cool. Looking forward to as many collaborations as possible. I love collaborating.