Clearing up some confusion - Piano Fugue, Experiment v4.2

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So, I've had a few people comment that some of my piano songs didn't sound much like a fugue. That's because the title of the song included the band name, "Piano Fugue". The part after that is the actual song title, such as "Death in the Vampire's Chamber". But yeah - just wanted to clarify that "Piano Fugue" isn't a tag, but is actually the band name. Smile (Same goes for "Experiment v4.2". That's my electronica band name.)

Does anyone else do this? Should I stop including the band name in each song title? I felt it helped to give an idea of what to expect, but I suppose the actual tags could do that? What say you? Smile

I stick my name first in the file name, then the song title. Someone here suggested that we do that, a few years back.

Use a - in the title if you use a band name. Like:
Pigs Need Love, Too - Pigfarmer Jr

Stuck In The Mud Again - The Mud Truckers

I Like Cheese - The Bootlickers

re: Files> I love that convention. BandName_Title.mp3 (or wav etc) If you must have the challenge then BandName_Title_50902018.mp3

For the above examples:


What @TomS said. Stick the band name first; that's usually the way an mp3 player says what it's playin. For sanity, I use buth underline and dash to separate, never spaces because some servers can't cope and insert %20 for each space (!). Examples of me as band: FLYING_TADPOLE-Run_away_now.mp3 Me as solo: TIM_FATCHEN-Safe_for_listening.mp3 and in collabs, originator always first: INSERTSURNAMEHERE-FATCHEN-Why_did_we_do_this.mp3

So, in the file name, but not in the song title here on 50/90? I can do that. Smile