Chuck E Weiss is Dead

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i just received the very sad news that my good friend Chuck E Weiss died yesterday of cancer. i used to tease him, when Rickie Lee Jones name checked him in the song Chuck Es in Love. that he finally made the Billboard Top Ten. but in the wrong column..title not artist. Tom Waits fans should know that before he met chuck he sounded like Arlo Guthrie. That growling swampy style was copied from Chuck. for me and at least 1000 other people, chuck was the King of Hollywood. Ill never forget the times we had there in the late 70s. For those of you who have read my novel, The Goners. the charachter of Willie Wahoo was based on Chuck,if you havent heard his music, check this out of you watch the video. stay until the end when the guy who owned the club where chucks band played every wednesday night makes a surprise appearance.

they should take down the HOLLYWOOD sign in memoriam

I just started with your YouTube link and wound up watching about a half dozen videos. What a cool cat! RIP.

he was tom waits' best friend and when waits went off to get married and become a movie star, chuck held the center of the scene that had formed around waits at the tropicana motel...and kept it going and growing for a few decades, kind of a club that evolved into a subculture. whenever i hung out with chuck, i felt i was at the center of the universe.

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That is sad. I'm not super familiar with his work, especially any early stuff, but do have one album 23rd & Stout? I think is the name, really weird mix of blues and latin beats, yet wholly unique. I haven't heard it in years, may have to put it on later. I was supposed to of gone to a show he was headlining around the early 2010's don't remember what happened but ended up not making it. Was told it was an excellent performance though.

My deep condolences Bill. I will honor him by listening to his music

Now that was pretty awesome! So sorry he’s gone!

I'm sorry for your loss.

As an aside, this thread has just answered something I've been wondering about for 15 years. I figured the song wasn't about Chuck E Cheese, but I didn't know of a reasonable alternative.

chuck was never really in lvor with rickie lee. jhe had his own girlfriend during the time this song was written, but they were all part of the same gang that lived or hung outa ta the topicana on te border between wsr hollywood and beverly hills. i have read the tom and rickie lee had a thing going, but i never saw them together. however, when tom wernt to new york to be in a movie, rickie lee house sat his apartment. so there may have been something there. tickie lee was a good kid wuth some talent but she wwas was picked up by a major label shortly after she camr to toen, and wasnt ready for the instant stardom her hit single gave her. similar thing happened to tray chapman. she was dtill a dorm singr at tuft university when she went out on the amnestly tour headlinign with springsteen, gabriel and sting.she was scared stiff, like a rabbit cahught in the headlights. rickie lee fared better but her first tour was pretty amateurish.

from that kimmel appearance, instant 'cpt beefheart vibes'... be that as it may, cool... r.i.p. Chuck