Christmas in July-September - Holiday Winter Songs

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Time to start writing songs for the 2017 Christmas Holiday Season!! Get out your sleigh bells and peppermint schnapps! Post your new holiday songs here! Any genre, any style, sweet or snarky!

Kicking it off are 2 holiday songs done with Joanne Cooper!! I love her music.

Wonderful Winter Land

Grandma's Christmas Tree

Great idea. thank you!!!

Anyone here celebrating Christmas in July? Smile

Will try my best. I love the idea. Thank you for the inspiration!

Just lyrics and some chords written out. I said Merry Christmas a few times today but my family did not say it back. Nea

Love it @iHelen !!!!

BIll White did some wonderful music for me on a few Christmas lyrics I wrote.

It's already winter in July over here, so I've turned the challenge on its head and written this daft bit of ephemera: