Christian SongWriters -- dealing with politics in the church (not political politics, krappe-politics)

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Christian SongWriters -- dealing with politics in the church (not political politics, krappe-politics)

Do you write about it?
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[Never, ever, gonna pastor a church... ever... did I say never?]

I occasionally write Christian songs. I don't attend church, but my life ends up in my songs. I can only assume that if something was hugely important, stressful, or otherwise on my mind, it would end up in a song in some form.

I have friends and family members who are ministers. They are very good at what they do, and I trust them. I have known self-appointed preachers on the other hand, who are dishonest, but I just did it not feel compelled to write about it. I mostly write to the spirit that I feel, and do occasional gospel covers.

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Periodically I may write a song along on the subject.

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Well...writing is a fantastic outlet as is expressing emotions through music. I know however, that there are some songs I have written which likely won't be heard except by maybe a select few, if any because they are too personal. Sometimes I even refrain from writing certain songs that are brewing in my head because they are a moment of emotion--ugly, overly sensitive, beautiful, but meant only for my husband's ears, etc. Church politics MIGHT fall in that category. Though I might consider the action, non-action, etc of another Christian-labelled person/entity to be actually non-Christian behavior not representative of Christ, because it/they carries the label Christian, how we expose those issues represents to those looking on as under the full umbrella of Christian--just giving gas to the flame already inflamed against us if not done thoughtfully. I am for exposing truths/issue, but not over-representing them as under the broad umbrella. There needs to be an understanding on the part of the onlookers (which I don't know that we represent well broadly), that we are as they are, condemned for sin. The difference being, we've accepted a Savior has taken the penalty due us, gifted us with a new Spirit (yet the old spirit battles within) through no deed or thought or goodness of our own were we accepted by God, but on account of His Son through faith. We err as do any when giving in to the ways of the flesh when working in our old spirit, yet we have an Advocate and the ABILITY to overcome in His Spirit. I think onlookers expect us to BE perfect, whatever their version of perfect is partly because SOME under the label Christian come across as though we are ALREADY perfect and as though that is the big divider between them and us. Its not, Jesus is. We know that we WILL one day be perfected and are being sanctified (at the same time, not one before the other) when we experience that change to glory. In the meantime considering the precepts of Philippians 3 & 4 and Ephesians 5 as a sensible course of action.

I get what you say kc5... and agree. However, or, nontheless, possibly, since church splits, > 40,000++ denominations exist, are so prevalent, and nowhere to turn for input to relate to, with all the Independent, Self-ordained, "ministers", more Songs for a Hymnal Section, like this, should be developed (?).

Any church, brave enough ?, to sing my song, will have a purge or some kind. Remember, "The Independent Association of [abcde] Churches", is, just a bunch of guys, who got together, to legitimize an association. No where in the Bible does it say, raise $10M, and put Brick with Mortar, etc. All we've been shown, is, where two or more gather... So, a diningroom table with 5 - 10 people, is the basis to gather/congregate for fellowship, pooled resources to assist, others. We, all, need to be far more grateful for the Assets that arise from the "congregation". We, all, need to do a better job, personally, in so many ways, as explains in Revelation. There's a balance between causing a Split, being spat out Luke warm, and normal accountability.

Unfortunately, today, every persona with a personal Relationship, revelation for them alone, -- thinks it's grounds for a new Denomination. Eh, no, it's not.

As far as how the public sees us, well, following Jesus Christ means, well, you just can't care, so to speak. E.g., I, provided to a person in need, a job, car, and other. They turned to me and said, litterally, quote, "you must be retarded, who does this?" And they went on their way, and, even attempted to sue me for a damage deposit, for the place they were provided to live, when not refunded, -- correctly so. No need to sue, gave that, too.

I got to see what they reaped for it, -- didn't work out so well, oh, well; none of my business, His, not mine.

There is nothing more humiliating for us, the meat of the earthly body of Christ, hanging from wood, -- for what? What did He do? We can at least, we, -- need to get granular and far more public, specific,nand less PC; if even, gentle as a dove, yet wiely as the fox, so to speak.

Just the other day, one commented, "your a Peter, Job, and Thomas, roll-up", -- yes, indeed. I'm ok with that. And, it was intended as a compliment, -- yet, even if not, I'm good with that. And, as many of my mentors..., now I see why, as they aged, they really just "hatted", "people", being around "them", -- generally speaking, in a manner of speaking; even stopped going to "church", (?), -- all together... what for?

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I hear you, ustaknow, I do... Its very complicated. There are wolves among the flock and if they have tongues sometimes they are the rudders of the ship (you know the scripture I refer to and the rudder reference), steering the sheep--these wolves are the ones that give a false impression of Christ and tear apart. It is not so much a fear of how Christians are represented, but the fact that we are representatives of Christ--His Ways to the world--even the ones who are not followers, but label themselves that way are representing Him to the world. That is truly my sorrow, my frustration. I hate for Him to be wrongly represented. It makes getting Him truly known more difficult. As far as the sheep, we know He says, "I know my sheep and my sheep know my voice and follow me, they will not listen to the voice of another" (paraphrase from memory--sorry). Hence the "red flag" you've seen flying--the reason I presume you mention the dining room table scenario. I agree. There are many churches in foreign countries that gather under the cloak of night, risking their lives and the lives of their families, just to fellowship with other believers and read a few torn pages from an illegal-to-own Bible of a neighbor--that is a true church if you ask me--completely devoted to Christ, willing to die to soak in His Wordf for them and fellowship with other believers. They also risk their lives to share Freedom in Christ with those around them--certainly where two or more gather in His Name. Certainly you don't want to take part in one of the "dead" churches of Revelation. Maybe what we need to get more granular about is the differences between the brick and mortar church and the living stones church. Of course, the American church has not known that kind of persecution...Yet...that will be what reveals the true church to the world here. Not enduring that kind of persecution out of duty or legalities, but to live out the Gospel Love of Christ. This may be too off-topic for this forum--Let me know. I can edit.

No, it's not off topic, as far as I am concerned, --on point.

Moreover, this is how new songs develop. And, if a song causes "this", --well, good fruit from that purpose.

However, we in the US have a flawed way of learning, and innocently just don't know many things, --it's hard to, there's so much.

But, actually, if we look, post Civil War, during the rebuilding, just that one period, -- the worst persecution of the hangings of Christian, by Christians did occur. No one "could" go against the "church"... -- we do have to do a better job of not speaking under the umbrella of the "church" and more specifically, -- following the Word, as written, as well as we can.

It seems today, many think a MDiv of DDiv is necessary... --then how could a stupid man like me, ever be Saved? Or, "disabled" person... we'd all first have to be secular-rated academitions. On the other hand, a self "ordained" individual, -- as dangerous. We need to do a better job.

It's just like Racism, in pure definition, and after we all understand the EEOC, US Gov deff of Race? Racism is racism, white on white, black on black, black on white, and etc. -- It needs to be a more mainstream, public conversation. How, are "christians" who can't engage their own discussion to be self-appointed examples against/for anything, about anything? I'm right and your wrong? Eh, NO.


Relationship building with open transparent no-limitation discussion, over TIME, -- void of ultimatums or lines that can't be crossed. They all need to be crossed, criss-crossed.

As you know, I am married to a non-white, not English as first language woman, -- with whom, has taken me years to understand. In her mind, idiomatically, she was (she was) telling me, what I felt I should be told... but, I was telling her, she wasn't since made no sense in how she was saying it. And, no matter how I attempted to explain what I meant, she had no idea what I was talking about. She thought we were in agreement (about n-topic). Well, we were.

When I finally understood what she was saying and she understood me -- amazed by my effort, over years of time and glad for it, and me to her, her stamina -- we were both amazed. Any other married folk, "get that"? Eh? Yes... I am sure. (It's why the divorce rate is not at 100%, yet. Relationships, over time.)

So, that being a good example ? -- how is the general public to get over non-transparent communication issues? RELATIONSHIPS, over time. (to be sure)

Unfortunately, our world is more, instant soup, than, home made from scratch, taking time. So, unfortunately, I don't see it getting better; as in Revelation.

-- But, we can have a good time singing songs about it anyway!!! Smile

-- There HAS to be a song in all that somewhere!?

Well, -- color me surprised, this many commented..., wonderful!

Well, here's another one, just "ran out of me this morning", don't know why, but, here it is, -- yours? , none, well..., that's GREAT! Better not to have, than the alternative.