Chaotic. Good. (In which a lyricist sells himself)

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Hello, everyone!

My name is Stephen Wordsmith and I write lyrics during these challenges. Here is an album of the talented folk at FAWM and 5090 taking them in fourteen drastically different directions:

Enjoy. I look forward to weaving more threads of this madness in the three months to come.

I look forward to devouring a set of your lyrics and spitting them back up a new gooey, wild, wonderful mess!

Same here. I also look forward to putting music to your lyrics.

I will write a tune if I any of your lyrics grabs my interest.

Sign me up, coach!

I enjoy your whimsical lyrics. I'd be interested in working with one of yours should it resonate with me.

Very nice, Stephen. Smile I love the imagery in Second-Hand Song'. Such a unique take on the concept of 'second-hand'.

I enjoy working with collaborateurs both old and new. All are welcome.