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When your imagination is feeling tired...roll the cubes! Rory's Story Cubes are a fun way to challenge your songwriting. They are dice with an image on each side instead of a number. There is also an app for your phone! I have multiple sets of the cubes and am very willing to roll for you if you don't want to invest. I tend to roll four "regular" and one "action". Then write the lyric based on your roll. The results can be interesting! In the past some have created songs that were quite amazing. Tag it #storycube and post it here so we can find it.

An example of one from my history is this. I rolled - an arrow, bridge, hand, web, and the action cube was a person pushing.

Roll for me when 5090 starts, please.

Will do @iveg !

Hooray! My fave! Hook me up with my fix!

I will @Adnama17 - and promise not to steal it until you have your entry Biggrin

My wife got a set to use with our daughter (I will be stealing them periodically I think).

I liked this idea last year. I might try it this year. I'm thinking about starting a song writing club for some of my 5th graders during their lunch, so this might be an investment I'm willing to make. If it's for school, I can write it off on my taxes... oh wait... no I can't. I've already exceeded my limit of teacher write offs. Still might.

@katpiercemusic I bought a set for my grandchildren. We have great fun creating stories! As they get older it was my plan to add in rhyming to the story challenge! Let me know if you want me to roll for you...depending on the timing of your purchase.

This was a fun prompt during FAWM. Might give it a whirl in 50/90!

I bought them for FAWM but haven't used them yet...

I also bought a set for FAWM, but never got around to using them, so will give them a try now

Could you roll me a set, @darcistrutt . Thanks for the inspiration!!

k, @darcistrutt Roll me a winner, please? Smile


@iveg your roll was a padlock, arrows going in every direction (like a clock face of arrows), microscope, face, and the action was a person blindfolded feeling a face.

@Adnama17 your roll was a bumble bee, a sheep, a rat, a microscope, and the action was a person laying brick.

@katpiercemusic your roll was a book, a path to a tower, a beetle, an empty word bubble (like in cartoons), and the action was a ball dropping behind someone with their arms out - missed catch maybe?

@metalfoot your roll was a cat, a padlock, a jet plane, a castle, and the action was a person asking a question.

@writeandwrong your roll was a stooped over woman, a dwarf miner (pointed hat, beard, pick ax, and a lantern), a locked box, an arrow, and the action was a person reaching for something on a high shelf.

@izaak your role was comedy/tragedy masks, a stooped over woman, a sleeping face, a rat, and the action was someone accidentally knocking over something.

@darcistrutt Thanks! Will keep in mind for another time. I have my own set of cubes so might do another roll for myself Smile

I rather liked the one I came up with last time. Roll me dem bones, sir, if you'd be so kind. Smile

Ohhhh my goodness! Sounds like a mystery of some sort! lol I'll give it a go! Thanks! Smile

@darcistrutt Normally I pick 5 random cards with terms on them to build the story for my 50/90-songs - but this time I rolled my three "enchanted" story cubes for that. Don't expect too much: I improvised the lyrics in realtime!

@stuartbenbow your roll was a turtle, an apple, a spider web, a tiara, and the action was something snapping in two.

Heck yes! Love it! How do you always roll me exactly what I need?!?!?!?

Here's mine from the roll our fearless leader gave me:

Ooh, ideas percolating. Thanks. Smile

Hi darcistrutt, would you please roll for me? thanks

@tiller2 your roll is an arrow, cat, question mark, wolf, and the action is an alarm clock waking someone up.

I'm running away from all the political songs my music wants me to write...could you be a dear and roll some cubes for me honey while I change the batteries in my wireless keyboard.... Smile

[@brrrse] your roll is a footprint, globe, shooting star, bishop chess piece, and the action is ringing a doorbell (or pressing a button of some sort). Best of luck to you!

Oh right on, thank you darci!..that's awesome!

Thanks for the roll. The results are in, and they're rather post apocalyptic. #falloutshelter.

Hi @darcistrutt, if you're up to it, I would love a roll just for me! (It would keep me from piggybacking on someone elses's, which has been plenty tempting!) Here's hoping your back pain has subsided.

@barbara Thanks for the warm thoughts! The roll for you was, a fish, bee, dice (with 1, 3, and 5 showing), bottle with an "X" on it (assuming poison or alcohol), and the action was a child playing with two dolls This could be interesting Smile

Thank you, Darci! Smile

Thanks, Darci! I'm feeling inspired.

The result (lyrics-only) is here, for a up-tempo blues song:

So here's mine! It's also my week3 challenge song. I'm actually pretty proud of it and really want to re record it when I'm better. Now I think I need to take a nap. Stupid infection!

Like @katpiercemusic I coupled the #Week3 random chord challenge with the #storycube challenge. *17404

This song damn near killed me. True story!

I decided to combine another challenge with this one. Totally improv. Three songs recorded on the fly in a ten minute time frame.

I rolled three dice from each of my three Storycubes sets: action, original and voyages. Here are my resulting songs. Not my finest work....but who knows? Maybe some day I might expand one of them into a better song...