Challenge - Make cowbell the core of your song

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I'm not talking clink-clink-clink. I'm talking full out cowbell solo!! Before anyone says it, yes I know this is not going to be radio worthy. The challenge is to get another human being to belly laugh. That is of much more value to the world in my humble opinion. So get out your cowbell or maybe two, and give it the respect it is worthy of. Create your gem and tag it #cowcore so we know the bell is the core of your song. List it here as well so we can all listen in and smile.

Give your cowbell some love!

Here's a past one of mine if you need a lesson in cowcore.

I had a great time with the cowcore challenge last year. (Here was mine, with not one but *two* cowbell solos: I look forward to doing another one this year. Perhaps a sequel! Smile

Loving the bells @OdilonGreen - a little SciFi thriller with cowbell enabling the saving of the human race! Perfection... Nice!

Did they ever get any cowbells in merchandise?

Sadly - all I see is the shaker @wyatt. A FAWM sticker on the non-striking side could "personalize" a bell though. Smile

As I remember, Garageband has a cowbell loop, just sayin'. I have two physical cowbells. One is the traditional drum kit kind. The second is an old farm cowbell with a clapper. Bought from an antique store. So count me in for a cowbell song.

Well, I wouldn't know what kind of a cowbell I needed. for 50/90 or FAWM. That's why I thought merchandise would have something that fit it. Oh, well,, close to starting time now and my mind has a limited capacity. Onwards and upwards!!!

@wyatt write lyric where the cowbell is the focus of the story! I'm sure you'd get a cowbell banging partner!

My first #cowcore is on the board! I'm looking forward to friends joining in. Bang the bells loud and proud!!

Totally qualifies @AndyGetch and double points for it being a skirmish! Enjoyed it very much!

All I can say is... I'm really, really sorry about this one... Biggrin

Here is another one chocolate and cowbell

I can't get Mississippi Queen, Honky Tonk Woman outtamyhead... waiting for that affliction to pass, b4 tak-ling this : )
(As I say this -- not sure if cowbell is in those songs, or just how we used to play them, --omg. Half2chk later.)

I've got this world drum theme in mind, speaking it, -- need a good way to wack the bell and not hurt the finger, -- big, 'ole pinky ring maybe.

Join in @nutation - I used drum sticks on my last creation but if you are a purist you'll want to get a "beater". The bell makes me smile...

Hey DS -- (I love the encouragement, thank you), -- I wish I had tapped, hummed what I had in mind. Now, back from "vacation", sans the half-a-beer, buzz relaxed mind ... I'm struggling to "hear" that melody. Geese.

-- I forgot bells have "beaters" ... interesting to remember that.

I am inspired to dust off my bongos, (jembe), clamp on a bell and take some silly lyrics (so to speak), and do it. Just drawing a blank...
(And yes, Leslie West used Bell at intro on MQ, and Stones used bell full length on HTW... -- it "Can" be done! : )