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507 from me. Many more songs for me to discover.

Hello, I'm not sure if I'm doing this right, but do I get enshrined on the wall of righteousness for getting to 200 - as in, me leaving 200 comments on other people's songs? Because that's where I am now!

Yes, @Hypnotist!!
Your name gets engraved on the Wall Of Fame!!!

800. Such a lot of really amazing stuff.

A bit late to this party but I’m on 450 Biggrin


taken me forever to get here but 500

1900 here and pretty much it for me! I've kept up so not so much post listening but i will stay around and be chasing many of you for songs for the podcast which starts again in just a few days.

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The goal as to get to 500 before the end of the 5090 run. Things got in the way, etc, etc, etc...BUT I have at least made it to 400. Mark it, @Fuzzy. My labor of love has not been in vein. I heard and read some great music in December.

Way to go, @cts!!! Smile

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Thanks, bud!