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I just hit 100!

I have finally crawled to 100.

I've been most remiss in my listening duties so far, for which I apologise—but my DIYing is done, the studio has been beaten into some sort of usable shape, and I'm raring to get my ears on...

Made it over 300 and have found so much good music and thoughts and creativity!


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at 300 Biggrin

damn @coolparadiso 700 already? my ears would of gave out already Biggrin

I've been up on Mount Hood lately, blessedly out of touch with the world, but now I'm back. I'm ready to move to up to the marginal slacker group: 200

I myself have moved in to the 200 Comment "marginal slacker group" as well.

There are 27 official members of this august body. What percentage of the total comments have been given by the few, the proud, the centurions?

Yes, I'd like to know that too, @fresh spotless youth.

I comment just coz i have time at the moment and i love listening, hence why i do my podcast. But i do notice that there are a significant number of people who rarely comment, so i would expect the “27” represents a very very significant portion. My very unscientific guess is 2/3 to 3/4.

Wow, that's a huge fraction.
Excellent work, everyone!

I'm at 300


I've just done a count, and at the moment 210 people have been active this year (which I've defined as posting at least one song since July 4th.) In my book, getting more than 10 per cent of all active participants in the century club is a definite win.


Just passed 100!