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1300 (almost 1400)

I concede

been a few more songs the last few days!

I finally made it to 400 comments given!

yeah..we had a nice boost there for awhile.


Oh, my, -- 400, whodathought... but, 1000 more to go... oh well Smile

So, 1400 is the all time record?

I've hit 300, probably my last milestone. Took me forever to get to three from two. Happy I made it that far, though.

re:1400 Not sure, but acoustic maddie had a huge number one year... maybe it was around 1400?

Over 900 now

302 !! Just passed 300 <3 I didn't think I'd have time to comment on as many as I have, but it's addictive Smile

I just made 300. Not my best showing but we do what we can.

@ustaknow i think i was told Maddie did near 2000 once!

Ok ive made 1500 now @metalfoot thats about it for me!

just made my goal of over 1000 and will still be listening and commenting!
Awesome kudos and thank yous for running this thrrast Alex!

Made it past 300 and I totally missed it. I think that may be a record for me.

I'll keep going for a while, too, as long as there are folks around to read the comments/compliments I give them.

Still here, still listening, still commenting. Just hit 300.