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Just made it in a few comments ago!

200 - and a day ahead of schedule, too. My goal is to give at least 5 comments a day for a total of at least 450 in 90 days. And I'm usually one of the last to sign off even after the 90 days are up, so 500 is a possibility. That would also be far and away a new high for me.
Again, kudos to those of you who are not only well ahead of me, but who give thoughtful comments as well.

Finally back to listening after being gone for a vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan - absolutely beautiful location but we had no Wi-fi and no cell phone connection for a week! I missed a lot of great songs and and now hearing some really wonderful work!

Beam me up over 400 now!

I'm behind for me, but I reached 200!

I'm 100. Either IQ, years, or perhaps pounds/2. Smile


@billwhite51 THANK YOU for your prodigious and prolific commenting. You are an inspiration to so many with your thoughtful comments!

800 here.

You too, @coolparadiso! 800 comments is amazing...

Just looked and over 200 ... yeah ...

I'm at 500 now...!

Just noticed I have 207 !!! Go me Wink


I've finally hoisted myself into the lower echelon of this august body

900 here.

400 Smile

Over 500 now!


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I'm at 200...finally! Biggrin

302 from me Smile

Made it past 200.


and here as well 1000

Up over 300 comments given this morning!!

Finally made it past 600!


wow am so impressed by some of the numbers in this thread. i have just made it past 200


@coolparadiso Impressive! For the record, 1500 is the next level after 1000 that I'll be making, though.

Wow, just hit 300; whoddaever thought it? No sweat too — how’d that happen.

So, anyone know the “record” high of number of comments? Just wonder’n, just wonder’n.


Wow about thousands comments!!! Amazing. Sorry I'm not as often here as I'd like to be.
406 from me Smile

with the drop in song postings ...two days worth on one page.....i for one will never be able to comment on 400 songs over the final three weeks. cooplaradiso may succeed, though, as he participates in the superskirmishes

So, is 1100, this year the "record"?

@billwhite51 just thinking out loud here Smile -- I went to the 5090ers Page and Sorted on "Progress" most to least. By page 5 you get to 1's and 0's

I don't see a "newbee's" ID like in FAWM and one can't assume anything, but, one could get creative and just from page 5 back and force yourself Wink Smile to consider work product for the input to a possible "newbee" so to speak; six words, one sentence, "good form", "needs form" ? Wink hahhh! and etc. -- just say'in.

I avoided commenting on skirmishes as well and even collaborations to some degree for reasons that seemed to work for me.

I, in part what I do IRL, see patterns... and am sure won't see the same commenters pattern from Page 05... but will bet Smile the 1's with 1 comment is likely your or Cool-one anyway! Hahhh! Smile

I think @Acousticmaddie commented on 2000 songs one 50/90, which was amazing.

I can make an 1100 category if you'd like.

513 Smile

Well skirmishing has taken me over 700 now!

I think I might have! But unlikely now. Been evacuated for 2 days. Bush fires very near our place. Still not looking Good. I find mobile service very poor for 50/90 So can only do it when I can get Wi-Fi. (Which I have for an hour today). Ah well it's not the number I am chasing it's just the listening to new songs I miss out on. Fingers crossed I have a house to go back to that's no 1 on my wish at the moment.

Okay, y'all, bump me up into Tier 2 at long last


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Guess who just crossed the 300 threshold? ME!!! I-m so happy



Over 800 now.

Finally got to 200. I will listen more, I promise.

I just posted my 400th comment! I know this may come as a surprise because I haven't posted my progress on this thread before but 400 is the official figure.

For the past two weeks or so I have been slacking with comments in favor of doing demos. Most of the comments are from the first two months. My goals this year were to Win and to give comments. Both are looking pretty good now.

600 Smile

Yes, I'll still be commenting but probably not another 100 so I'm finishing in the 600s.

А 100 today - I'll do more soon!