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Just made it in a few comments ago!

200 - and a day ahead of schedule, too. My goal is to give at least 5 comments a day for a total of at least 450 in 90 days. And I'm usually one of the last to sign off even after the 90 days are up, so 500 is a possibility. That would also be far and away a new high for me.
Again, kudos to those of you who are not only well ahead of me, but who give thoughtful comments as well.

Finally back to listening after being gone for a vacation in the upper peninsula of Michigan - absolutely beautiful location but we had no Wi-fi and no cell phone connection for a week! I missed a lot of great songs and and now hearing some really wonderful work!

Beam me up over 400 now!

I'm behind for me, but I reached 200!

I'm 100. Either IQ, years, or perhaps pounds/2. Smile


@billwhite51 THANK YOU for your prodigious and prolific commenting. You are an inspiration to so many with your thoughtful comments!

800 here.

You too, @coolparadiso! 800 comments is amazing...

Just looked and over 200 ... yeah ...

I'm at 500 now...!

Just noticed I have 207 !!! Go me Wink


I've finally hoisted myself into the lower echelon of this august body

900 here.

400 Smile

Over 500 now!


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I'm at 200...finally! Biggrin

302 from me Smile