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Hey, Here's the Official Century Club thread!!!

Let us know in this thread when you hit a milestone and I'll update the list ASAP.


- @colgoo
- @Stephen Wordsmith
- @Frances Smith
- @oneslowtyper
- @tamsnumber4
- @3tdoan
- @OdilonGreen
- @Kurtis Kanttila
- @Adnama17
- @yam655
- @pearlmanhattan
- @crisp1
- @sph
- @Cicpisces
- @kahlo2013
- @Belladonna
- @Roddy


- @Tim Fatchen
- @fresh spotless youth
- @Jibbidy34
- @barbara
- @headfirstonly
- @Acousticmaddie
- @nancyrost
- @Klaus
- @JWHanberry
- @barbara
- @mike skliar


- @standup
- @musicsongwriter
- @AndyGetch
- @Chip Withrow


- @ustaknow
- @Fuzzy
- @katpiercemusic
- @wobbie wobbit


- @cblack


- Who's next?!?


- @DeannaSweidel
- @tcelliott
- @cindyrella


- Who's next?!?


- Who's next?!?


- @metalfoot


- @billwhite51
- @kahlo2013


- @coolparadiso

Fuzzy, you're a hero. I've no idea how to underline text, nor am I anywhere near 100 comments.

Over 100 and really enjoying my listens and reads!

Well over 100 here... edging up to the next level!

Over a hundred! Woot, woot!

Chugging along...


Topped 100 this morning. Seems like I'm still behind, though.

@Fuzzy I know you can use some html tags in your posts but I think the underline tag is deprecated in modern HTML and doesn't seem to work on this board.

212 here this morning

Congrats to @coolparadiso, the first one to hit the 200 comments mark!!
Expect your commemorative pin in the mail shortly!
(Not really)

I'm in the 200 club now as well! (201 and rolling...)

I got to 100 today! Yay!

I'm 300 now and my have i heard and read some great stuff

I've hit 100.

i just hit 200


I'm past 100. Took a while.

Past 200 now

Hit 200 a few comments ago as well.

On 200 exactly. Hooray!

Yay!! I finally made the list!!

400 now. Great saved list as well now for another listen

Just 121 from me. Found so many inspiring songs and lyrics.

finally hit the 100 club Smile can't believe how many some on here have managed, hats off to you! Bravo!

Over 300 and climbing- wish I had time to hear it all'

Ok. Just got to 100. It was a bit of a struggle. Hopefully the next 100 will be easier.


Past 500 now

Me and John @coolparadiso finally broke 600!..........ok, so I just reached 100... and John did all the rest!
Way to go John!

We are good sharers

Way to go, @coolparadiso!!!
You're a star!!

Made it to 300.

Just crossed 300. Smile

At last, my Centurian mark has been met!

just hit the 200 mark Smile right now i am exactly 200 given and 100 received so thats round numbers!

Just gave my 100th and 101st comments. And I think I've given a comment to everyone who has commented on one of mine.


First hundred commented on. There's some *really* good stuff around this year.

Just hit the 200 mark! Biggrin

Add me please! 104 today

Sorry I have not been listening peeps - so busy writing!! Now I'm past the finish line I'm planning to do more listening. Biggrin

I'm over 100, but am slowing down a bit. But I wanted to get in on this thread so John Staples' stats on participation will look slightly better!

past 600 and zooming on! i will slow soon i am afraid but what a play list i have!

Finally made it to 100!!

Up over 400 and have not yet listened to many of the people I still want and need to listen too!

Over 100 after finally catching up today!

past the 300 mark now, some great stuff out there Smile

Have slowly chipped away toward 300 and have reached that plateau!

Just hit the 300 mark Biggrin

I didn't really get started until the third week of July, but I've finally made it to 100. I always feel everyone should be able to listen to 3-4 songs a day if they care about this place.

I finally made it to 200!!