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ive made over 100 comments. how do i get into the century club?

Congratz, You've made it.

Yeah... I think we've all been waiting for somebody to start the Century Club thread... Wink

Up to 113 as of right now. Smile

so what is the link to the century club? ive got 127 as of now.

I'll get there in the next few days.

I don't think anyone has created a thread and assumed responsibility for it yet. Anyone wanna volunteer? I'm not around enough this summer to do it.

I'm not able to do it this year either but already a member of the virtual club! Looks like it's open for someone to be club president. Kind of fun, I've done it a few times but working a lot and traveling a lot for work so my time on the site will be spotty.

I wouldn't mind doing it except the last computer in the house went kaput. I can only update at work. So if people are okay with weekday (on breaks) updates only and no-one else is willing to do it then I suppose....

I'd be willing but I'm going to be out of commission for almost 3 weeks starting next Saturday. So yeah.

I'LL DO IT!!! Biggrin