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EDIT: Check this thread for full details:
If you would like to be part of this madcap venture, please sign up in that thread!

My therapist has begged me not to do another of these. But what does she know?! Wink

I have absolutely NO clue how this one will pan out yet. But for those who are not familiar with this uniquely FAWM/5090 phenomenon, it kinda goes one of a few different ways:

Original version - I provide a simple bed track of bass, drums and guitar that goes round in a loop and you come up with a solo, vocals, or additional rhythm instruments (as many or as few options as you like).

Second and third version - you come along to a party and guest alongside the house band who are jamming away round a loop (see above). However, it also adds to the ambience if you include some dialogue.

Personally, I'd prefer to go back to the original version, which was like a live band, jamming out with guests taking turns to solo or sing (or be part of the backing band).

This post is really just to see what interest there might be.

Here are some links to the ones we've done in the past. - the first one we did, way back. - the second, quite a few years later.

And the two links below are the NSFW and the safe versions from FAWM this year. - NOT safe for work! - SAFE for work!

So. What do you reckon? Should I warn the gargoyles and lower the drawbridge?

Fun though the last party was, I do prefer it when people jam together. Sign me up, as always!

I'm willing to do the party however it works for you, Paul.

Whichever type of party you decide to throw, please add me to the guest list!

Hopefully I'll get better as I learn how to do this year after year. What do therapists know?! First year I didn't understand there was a track to listen to so just went by what you said the speed was. Amazingly you made it work. Last year I actually did listen to your track and layered, but didn't quite figure out you also had a grand finish track to add to so missed that part. Fingers crossed I'll pay better attention this year. Did I mention that I want to join you in the dungeon? Yes I do!

Oh yes. I am up for a jam!

Do I dare? (pokes stick at it)


I’m always down for a party!

I'm in, although apart from a little bad singing (and the odd swear word) not sure what I can contribute Wink


I wanna get in on this one!!! Please?

Okay... it looks like there's enough interest for this to be a goer! Smile

I think I'm going back to the original "live jam" style that started this all those years ago.

Over this weekend, I'll try to come up with a bed track that's interesting enough to just keep cycling round, and that I can mix and produce to be sympathetic to the style of the offerings you lovely people come up with. For an example of how this works, let me just refer you back to "Voices In My Head"

The shout-outs and banter that made the house parties so entertaining might not sit with this approach, but send them anyway. I'll try to find a way to slot them in.

As this site allows us to have multiple collaborators, there's no need for a dummy account to link to.

I'll start a new thread with all the details once I have a track for us all to work with.

Thank you all again for contributing to my therapist's continued source of income. Wink

Ah, I think I understand... Looking forward to the party!

Can a wee opossum come to the house party? I promise not to poop anywhere in the castle!

Would love to join the jam or party, whichever you are hosting!

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I like to be part of that group therapy thing, or did I misinterpret something?

@sph - I think we're all going to need therapy after this one. Wink

I'm still trying to come up with a basic bed track to work with. More details and a link to the audio loops coming soon. I'll start a new thread for the details. Smile

Dare I throw my hat in the ring only to leave it for the wolves again?


I need to crack on and come up with a bed track!

@Amanda West and I put our heads together at the start of the week and came up with a "setting" for this next outing. It's going to be in the old abandoned arena at the back of the Castle... so we're looking at a kind of stadium rock/outdoor festival feel to this one. Smile

ooh that sounds fun!

@Dragondreams wrote above..... "@Amanda West and I put our heads together at the start of the week and came up with a "setting" for this next outing."

This is how he caught those nits he's spread all around west Yorkshire !

I’ll participate!

I'm in negotiations with the guy I got the sentient piano from (the guy who glows in the dark faintly). He's going to source us an "indestructible" PA system. Wink

Eagerly awaiting the bed track!

Is it too late to knock on this party?

@jeustan - it's not too late at all. Smile
I haven't got as far as writing the bed track yet. I'm on with that today. Smile

Full details of how this is going to happen are now in a new thread here: