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Okay. Here it is.

The house party this year is going back to basics. And, because of the mess left over from FAWM, we're moving outside to the arena at the rear of the Castle.

The bed track was giving me bother. And I was still overthinking it this morning. Thanks to the calming influence of @Amanda West, I've taken the whole thing back to basics. I want to focus more on the musical contributions and less on trying to produce some sort of radio play. Wink

So, we're going with a 6/8, 24 bar blues in E at 120bpm.

I've created a very basic bed track and broken it up into some manageable chunks (links below).

There's an "A" variant and a "B" variant. Feel free to play with either or both. Just give me a hint when you send your clips. For example, you might want to loop round the A variant a couple of times, then just once round the B variant.

Go round the loop as many or as few times as you wish. Just be aware that I may edit you if your part is VERY long... Wink

Any instrument, vox, or combination of both - your choice, no rules.

You can solo, play just rhythm, or do both.

Lyricists are more than welcome to supply words and we'll get volunteers to sing them if you don't want to.

The "ending" will only happen ONCE. Wink

To give me time to produce the finished article without needing more trips to see my therapist, I'm putting a deadline of Sunday 12 September on this one.

I can accept audio files in most of the common formats - but I would ask that you cue your files to an obvious start point please. It helps me cue things up at my end.

Please let me have your audio as isolated takes. If you're at all unsure about the tech aspects of any of this, simply ask in this thread. There are quite a few of us who can help out. Smile

You can let me have your files as download links (preferable) or as email attachments (unwieldy, but no problem) by emailing dragondreams(AT)dragondreams(DOT)org(DOT)uk

To give me a clue about the size of this project, please add your name to the guest list in this thread.

Okay. The bed track audio. I've supplied the individual chunks both with and without guitar in case that helps if you want to supply a rhythm section.

Once through the whole thing - 8 bars intro > 24 bars A variant > 24 bars B variant > 1 beat ending:

Intro only with bass, drums and guitar:

Intro only with bass and drums, no guitar:

"A" variant with bass, drums and guitar:

"A" variant with bass and drums, no guitar:

"B" variant with bass, drums and guitar:

"B variant with bass and drums, no guitar:

Ending with bass, drums and guitar:

Ending with bass and drums, no guitar:

I think that's everything. If in doubt, just ask. Smile

Have fun! I am so looking forward to hearing how this turns out. Smile

Here's a link to the kind of thing I have in mind for this one:

THE GUEST LIST SO FAR: (I'll update this here as often as I remember).
@Amanda West - updating her satnav and learning some self-control (or new swear words).
@Tim Fatchen
@headfirstonly - your negroni is chilling nicely. In fact, we've been using it as a superconductor in the lab.
@dzd - called by and dropped off some stuff; heading back for another load.
@nate.gerry - arrived early, currently camping by the dead giraffe at the bottom of the drive.
@johnstaples - security werewolves alerted to the fact that he'll be carrying an item of noisy luggage, disguised as an antique bed-warmer.
@darcistrutt - your cowbells will probably trigger the scanners at the gate, but the security werewolves have been given a sniff of your scent from the handkerchief you dropped in Geoffrey's room at the last house party, so they'll let you through without problems.
@Ray D. Opossum - try not to make eye contact with anything as you approach the drawbridge and you'll be fine... probably.
@wobbie wobbit - name's on the list, definitely allowed in (she's with the band... allegedly).
@tcelliott - reserved parking.
@ductapeguy - bringing an inept percussion instrument.
@Fuzzy - will be attending along with everyone's favourite brass instrument.
@carleybaer - bringing fruit (I think that's maybe why she's calling at the Apple store?)
@Scubed - hopefully can be persuaded to act as our responsible adult.
@lowhum - in!
@kenmattsson - the bard will not be barred.
@Gm7 - figmenting us with his imagination.

Guest list: Amanda Jane West !

Guest list: Tim Fatchen but he'll be late to the party start as full this week and away the next? Still, that gives all of August and if i can write a quarter of a concerto in one hour I guess I....

Guest list: JamKar

Oh, I'll be there with bells on

Guest: cblack Smile

Guest list: headfirstonly

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I would like to RSVP as well Wink

Thanks for tackling this daunting project, again Biggrin

Yes, please, I want to go to the blues party!

I'll be there in attendance!

Yes please! I will bring tater salad and...wait for it.. BANJO!

Guest list: darcistrutt - Princess of the Cowbell...and maybe some vocal tucked in. Will Geoffrey come? Wink

Hey I have a question...I get confused easily over time sigs and bpm (and a variety of other, unrelated things!) This sounds slower to me than 120 bpm. Is that just me or is the track actually slower than 120?

Oh and also...Sign Me Up!

@Ray D. Opossum It's very definitely 120bpm at this end. Smile
I'm using an impmetric metronome. The problem could be that you're using a metriperial one?

@darcistrutt - Geoffrey is going to be looking after you all in the Green Room. Well, we call it the Green Room... it's actually the old fire pit where my ancestors dealt with complaints from pitchfork-wielding villagers. Geoffrey supplied the... erm... let's call it "substance" we used to turn it green. And, to answer your question more fully, quite probably. But we'll have a clean-up squad on hand to deal with that as it arises. Wink

i'm with the band...

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I brought more on my second trip than I intended to, but think I'm prepared now Biggrin

My intention is to attend. My follow through will depend on life getting severely less complicated in the next week or two.

I hope you have room for an inept vibrophone solo. Count me in.

I'm hoping to drop some awesome kazoo wonderment in there.
Everyone loves kazoos, right?

Thanks @Dragondreams! You were right...I was using a marsupial metronome! I'm mostly planning to bless your tracks with my lovely vocals so I'll just sing to match what you have provided! Oh and I might add my drums. And maybe a fiddle? It's gonna be a royal mess!

I’ll be there, but I have to get myself home and then get my computer to the Apple store to figure out why it’s decided to die. It’s going to be a very triumphant return to the castle... arena... when I finally make it

It wouldn't be the same without you! Smile

Can I play some flute or other instruments and send a track?

@kahlo - no rules. Any instrument or instruments is/are fine. Smile

Ooooh, how exciting! I’m in. Biggrin

Paul, one thing that's needed to focuse the creative energies is a deadline. What date do you need our contributions to be subitted by?

@headfirstonly - it's in the top post, Chris. Sunday 12 September. I'll go and make it bold just so it jumps out a little more. Smile

Just saw this, very much in

Just seeing this too. The one I heard at FAWM was amazing, so I'd like to join in the fun if I could. Need a bard?

You are more than welcome into the arena. Smile

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I love the blues ...What is the secret knock to get into the castle's outdoor arena. Is there a Kraken living there?

Don't knock, you'll startle the gargoyles! You have to imagine your way in. Wink

OK. I will have my file(s) to you by Friday, @Dragondreams.

I wanted to manage this, but I think it's going to have to be another time. Can't wait to hear the result!

I emailed my links in this afternoon so figured I'd bump this thread to the top again as a reminder to other party goers. Deadline is Sunday...two sleeps away.

Gosh it is fun to sing to one of DD's tracks. Good times!