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yep same 5 am uk DOWN

Its over ten here

Mine is down again at 02:10 in the UK.

I’ll see what it’s like tomorrow.

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I could add a new song, but couldn't do it through my profile--no access as of 9:50 pm EST.

Yup, mine's down again too.

4.40am in the UK. Down again for me.
In the past, I was able to access other people's profiles when mine was down. Just tried those who commented ahead of me, and I can't access their pages either.

Ditto. Just happened to my profile page (1st time ever). 9/26/2019 kingwood kowboy

Just happened to kingwood kowboy profile page. 9/26/2019

Yup, me too. Sept. 27.

It should be fixed for the moment.

The issue has to do with people who have lots of songs and having more than one collaborator. The time it takes to render the song list on the profile gets to be too long for the built in processing time limit - I've updated caching on these profiles in hopes that it will help. Note this means that when you post a song, it make take a bit of time to show up on your profile, but should show up on the song list page pretty much right away.

Sorry for the inconvenience - We're going to have to assess how to tackle this next year - it's clear that some of this code need some TLC to handle more strain. Y'all are just too good at writing songs!! Wink

I’m down too.

I'm back with the cool kids in the 500 ERROR Club again - as at 2100 hours UK time... Sad

I can't access my profile either Sad or DD's Sad and it's 21:24 Irish time (same as UK Wink )

Ah I see, it's us collaborating folks that are causing the problems lol

Im down now!

I also don't exist! Smile

my profile was down no up but i cant access anything past page 1 and many other peoples i cant see. sometimes i cant even post a link in a forum. error ajax error 500 now

Yup, been seeing that too. I thought possibly folks deleted their accounts, then saw this thread Smile hahhh! Glad it got posted!

Dammit! ERROR 500 again this morning, 7am in the UK. Sad

My profile page is now listing songs in batches of 20, and only the first couple of pages (i.e. 1 - 20 and 21 - 40) display normally. The rest are now blank...

Mine is totally down again.
To me it seems like it goes down and comes back on a random basis, but then again I know nothing about computers.

Also having the batches of 20 profile issue that HFO is having. Hoping this means Eric's trying some behind-the-scenes tweaks.

Yup i see the 20 batches. But when i get to page 4 i get a blank page! So cant see all my songs

I can see ALL the pages and songs of my colleagues above, listed in batches of 20. However, I'm getting the HTTP ERROR 500 message when I try to look at my own profile.

I can't see my page-only the soundboard comments people have left.

Everything looks good again! In fact better, with everything on one page! Thanks at [@ericdistad].

Getting a bit tired of this ERROR 500 message now... Been like this since around 4pm UK time...

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Yeah, seems lots of profile pages can't be accessed, including mine. Error 500.

Not been able to get onto mine much lately.

Couldn’t get the page up much over the weekend, was lucky to get something up on Monday, and not since.

It’s awful that you’re having to sort this out, Eric & Jen. I’m sorry that it’s all this getting in the way of your tunes!

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Alright - I'm not trying to add insult to injury, but I'm not able to access my page either. Sad

Still not working at 5.15am...

Mines gone again.

Mines still absent (9.30am UK/Irish time)

Still no profile at 9:45am BST

The same here, very regularly. Liked a lot seeing all my songs on one page when it was available Smile

Mine is back now. Smile

Mine is down and has been since yesterday morning

Mine came back for a couple of hours, and is back down again now! I’m sorry @ericdistad

Mine is still not there [@ericdistad] it is out more than there! oh well its almost over now

still no profile [@ericdistad]

Yeah, mine's been down 90% of the time for the last few days.

I've run into the same problem while trying to comment back to people by clicking on their name. No go for some and sometimes it works. (On mine too). But if I click on a specific song of someone's, it seems to work...most times. Not always.

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Hi @Eric Distad, will this problem be adressed?