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Hey, this happened last week as well, but it eventually resolved itself.

I can get to any other page on the site, but my Profile Page gives me this; " is currently unable to handle this request.

As I said, last week it eventually resolved itself, but I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

Could someone please visit my page and see if it's just me or if you get the error message as well.


It's happening to all the cool kids (well, me and @Dragondreams that I know of. No one else can see your page for a short while either.

Thank you, @helen.
I'm hoping it comes back some time soon....
And yes, you and @Dragondreams are pretty cool.

Happened to me briefly as well a couple weeks ago so I guess I'm one of the cool kids for the first time in my life?

It is happening to me every other day or so and lasts anywhere from 1-6 hours thus far. Mine is down now too. This is the first year I have experienced this.

happens to me often. in fact a few minutes ago. I logged out on all devices and then came back in and it worked

My does not come back when I log out of devices - even if I turn off and turn back on.... it just randomly comes back. Just came back, 4.5 hours later today.

Still happening off and on; right now my page has been down since yesterday afternoon.
Anyone else still going through this?

@Fuzzy— I’ve had issues of late as well.

@Fuzzy I've been down more than up the last 24h, but currently up.

I have also been more down than up for the past several days. Thought it might be due to accessing via multiple devices, but logging out everywhere has no effect. I can still get to other pages for forums, mentions, activity, etc, but no way to edit my profile (if I wanted to), which is okay because no one can see it a lot of the time anyway.

Happening to me again today. Getting a 500 error...

Yup. Kind of annoying.

Dammit, my page is down again.

Yup mine was down again . Happens all the time it's back at the moment!

The same thing has happened when I was accessing other people's profiles

mine is down again too

Mine's down here too as of an hour ago...

More data: I am getting just a white page when I try to access @Aging Ophelia this morning.

Maybe we should ask the experts!
Paging @Eric Distad.....
Please help!

The site is definitely not happy this afternoon. Lots of profile pages from people on my watchlist now coming up blank, including @TomS, @Dragondreams and @Fuzzy...

Yep, I'm a blank now. Fitting! Biggrin

I’ve not been able to access my page for about a week now.

I exist again!!!! Biggrin

@marvsmooth I can see yours right now, just FYI.

@TomS - Thank you, I can see my page now too! Biggrin

And now it’s not accessible again!

Hi, I know people are having problems and this is a known problem but I want to let you know is not working again. Thanks.

Yep. I'm back with the cool kids again. 500 error.

I just emailed @Eric Distad. I bet he puts on his cape and resolves this for us! Biggrin

Every now and then I can't get to other users pages either. My own page has worked.

I think the reason must be, I mean it must, that you have to post something every other day or so or else the site just forgets you. The code has feelings too you know! Smile

@Klaus - haha, You may be right!

Ok - This is really weird. It seems to be very intermittent. I may have to get the hosting company involved.

I'll keep you all posted here. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

@Eric Distad - Thank you Eric

Thank You @Eric Distad! You rawk!

Thank you very much!!!

Thanks @Eric Distad. Just to dispell @Klaus's theory, I didn't post anything for ages and had no issues, but the last two things I've posted have been followed by a brief lock out about an hour later.

The profile is down again Sad

@Acousticmaddie is having this issue today as well, just so you know @Eric Distad

Mine's down again, too. Sad

OK - everything appears to be working at the moment. Ultimately we found some "bad IPs" trying to run attacks against the server - they didn't manage to get in, but they were swamping resources, which is why this was intermittent. I've blocked the IPs I've seen in the logs.

Please let me know if the profile issue happens to anyone again and if so let me know the exact time/day it happens so I can correlate with the logs.

Mine has been ok all day so far - for the first time in a while thx @Eric Distad

Thank you, @Eric Distad for your help!

Sorry @Eric Distad I can't access @Tim Fatchen September 2, 2019 2:26pm PST

Ditto! All the cool kids again seem to be down!

Yup mines gone.

Mine disappeared about the same time. I thought it was just another case of just after posting song but it might have just been that I didn't check while I was writing and did just after

It's back now, though.

I have issues now again

Ive been out for over 4 hours - still out

Profile problems have returned @Eric Distad

Yay! I'm a cool kid again. Biggrin

5am in th UK and I'm down.