"Can you write a song about Commander Trump using the word “orange” in the title?"

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It's not my challenge, but somebody had to bring it up. I just came across this on quora.com:


I don't think you need to use the word 'orange.' Just a song about Trump.

I didn't put it in the title, but I've already done the writing a song about him thing this 50/90.

Here is my ode to the supreme commander in chief:

Already done a few songs about that orange horror/troll/drumph (pick your nickname)

here's , i think, my latest in that department (not my latest overall tho)


Didn't put orange in the title....but this is my anti-Trump song:


its in another thread, but since I saw this thread re-activated I thought I'd put it here too..
I wrote and recorded an entire album about the 'orange disaster'.
in fact, its called 'summer of the orange disaster'